Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Make yourself comfortable and get ready to read the Singer 7258 review. Here, we will tell you about the benefits and strong sides of the Singer 7258 stylist.

The sewing machine is a user-friendly, computerized model that will be a great companion for both beginners and advanced sewists.

Read the Singer 7258 review on how to find out about the price, functions, and technical specifications of the sewing machine.

Technical Specifications

The computerized sewing machine is known for its simplicity. And now you will see how is it achieved, by looking through all the life-saving functions that make the sewing process 100 times easier:

  • 100 Built-in stitches       
  • One-step buttonhole     
  • 7 Buttonhole patterns (including 1 endless)
  • Twin needle      
  • 750 Stitches per minute maximum sewing speed            
  • Free arm
  • Top drop-in bobbin        
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Speed control   
  • LCD screen
  • Programmable needle  
  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 7.5 x 12 inch

As you can see the Singer stylist 7258 has lots of specifications you will unlikely find in mechanical sewing machines like a programmable needle, LCD screen, and speed control. The machine is also equipped with a wide choice of buttonholes for your creative projects.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Accessories that Come with the Sewing Machine

You should not worry about extra items you may need to start working with the Singer stylist 7258. The sewing machine has all the accessories needed to run and thread the machine:

  • 2 Spool Pin Felt Discs
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Needle plate screwdriver
  • 4 Class 15J Bobbins (one is inside)
  • Package of needles
  • Darning Plate
  • Seam Ripper
  • 3 Thread Spool Caps (Small, Medium, and Large)
  • Lint Brush

The Singer stylist 7258 has a good accessory package with all the essential items.

You will find the accessory tray to save all the tiny items at the front of the machine. You will need to switch the accessory tray to the free arm every time you need to sew the circular parts of clothes or take some accessories.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Who the Computerized Sewing Machine Good For?

As you can see, the name of model Singer Stylist 7258 includes the word “Stylist” in it.

It means that Singer Stylist 7258 should be used for the creation of new designs, and it has all the necessary features for sewing fabrics in the style you want.

It comes with an impressive number of decorative stitches for fashion sewing (we will speak about it in our Singer 7258 review) and has many automatic functions.

This sewing machine points right to the tailors, fashionists, and dressmakers. Yes, it makes us think that Singer 7258 is meant just for professional use. However, it is a home sewing machine, so it will also be great for beginners.

In addition, it comes with lots of advanced features like automatic presser foot pressure or speed control slider. It eases sewing significantly and helps beginners to get used to the new sewing machine, and to sewing in general.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

What Fabrics Can The Singer 7258 Sew?

The Singer 7258 will sew quality stitches and can cope with multiple layers of light fabric. But the sewing machine may get stuck sewing multiple layers of thicker fabrics like denim. You can sew your own clothes if it’s not leather.

The delicate fabrics are the perfect choice to sew with the machine. All you need is to choose the appropriate sewing foot for the new machine and put the needle in the down position when you work with the embroidery.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Presser Feet

The Singer 7258 stylist is a machine made for fashion styling and decorative sewing. So it is clear that the sewing machine comes with a bunch of presser feet. We will tell you about all the ten presser feet you will find in the accessory kit.

General Purpose Foot

The name of the presser foot tells us that the general-purpose foot is meant for regular stitching with basic stitches.

You should use it for simple sewing with a zigzag or stretch stitches. The foot is used for topstitching, patchworking, and finishing the seams.

Blind Hem Foot

Blind hem foot will be one of the most used presser feet for sure. You should switch your basic foot to the blind hem foot when you need to sew the fully invisible stitches. It will be pretty useful for delicate dresses and straight pants. This sewing foot is also good for topstitching.

Overcast Foot

Yes, your sewing machine can do some job of the overlocker thanks to the overcast foot. It creates seams over the raw edges of the fabric preventing them from unraveling. That is why this presser foot is also called an overlocking foot.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Satin Stitch Foot

Satin stitches are widely used in embroidery because they can fully cover the fabric and create a whole picture.

The satin stitch foot with a tunnel can be used for decorative or satin stitches. You will be able to sew the wider stitches with ease if you have a satin stitch foot by your side.

One-step Buttonhole Foot

The sewing machine allows us to make a buttonhole in 1 step. The one-step buttonhole foot is used to create the buttonholes for your projects.

The sewing machine will make the buttonhole of the ideal size that fits your button because it adjusts to the shape of the button you put in the foot.

Rolled Hem Foot

You probably feel tired of folding the raw edges of the fabric by yourself. But, luckily, the rolled hem foot does the job for you. It presses the fabric and does even narrow hems. That is why the foot is equipped with a curved channel.

Embroidery Foot

Of course, the styling sewing machine comes with the embroidery foot to make your projects more unique. As you could guess, this foot is meant for free-motion sewing.

The embroidery foot looks after your fingers when you move the material to do free-motion sewing. The foot also makes sure that there are no puckering or skipped stitches.

Zipper Foot  

You will need the zipper foot often if you are a professional tailor. Many parts of clothing require zippers, but it is hard to sew the zipper on without the special sewing foot. It will make inserting the zipper effortless.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Quarter Inch Foot

The quarter-inch foot helps us to create seam allowances of the same size, namely ¼ inch. You will not miss any fabric when you open the seam thanks to the quarter-inch foot.

Gathering Foot

The gathering foot is designed to gather a certain amount of fabric creating a layer. It can also attach the material you work on now to some other piece of material by stitching them together. All of it is done in one step without changing the needle position.

Sewing Speed

The Singer Stylist is not famous for its high speed. It only features 750 stitches per minute, and it is not one of the best indicators. There are many entry-level sewing machines that sew with a maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute.

Some machines can accelerate to 1000 stitches per minute. The advanced sewers may be disappointed with 750 spm, but it is enough for all the basic projects. But beginners may not see it as a disadvantage at all.

Singer 7258

The SINGER Stylist 7258 sewing machine allows you to select the desired stitch with just a simple push of a button. Optimum settings for length, width and tension are set automatically and are customizable with adjustable stitch length and stitch width.

Top Loading Bobbin

The top-loading bobbin is a great invention in the sewing world. Sewists who work with old sewing machines need to spend time threading the bobbin thread.

There are different types of drop-in bobbins, some are worse, and some are better, but Singer Stylist provides us with the top quality drop-in bobbin.

100 Built-in Stitches 

The sewing machines that aim at styling just ought to have many built-in stitches, and Singer 7258 has a really impressive stitch library for decorative stitch work.

You can choose from 100 stitch options when you buy the Singer 7258. This number may seem astonishing for people who have never worked with a computerized machine and have only worked with mechanical machines.

But, lovers of decorative sewing and embroidery will be impressed by the possibility to choose from 100 stitch patterns.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Let’s look at the basic straight stitches first. The sewing machine comes with 9 essential stitches. You will need to use them for all your basic projects every day.

Then the stretch stitches come. There are eight stretch stitches. You can use them with jersey fabric, for example, when you need to add a piece to the cotton material.

The lovers of decor will be glad to see 76 decorative stitches. There are so many different designs that you will definitely find something to implement your creative ideas. You can also choose from lots of stitches for home decor.

Yes, you may be using some stitches more often, and some less, but, anyways, they all are helpful and will come in handy once.

Diversity of Buttonholes

The sewing machine comes with 7 different buttonholes to your taste. And what is best, all the buttonholes are automatic. There is also an endless buttonhole.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

It is impossible to implement any creative project without adjustive the stitch length and width.

All the functions of the sewing machine are computerized, which is why you can select the stitch length and stitch width. You need to press the up and down buttons. All the results of your actions will be displayed on the LCD screen.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Automatic Needle Threader

Many tailors got used to manual threading, but the automatic needle threader can ease the threading process. You need to press the lever and the automatic needle threader will do it’s work.

Some people complain that using needle threaders is too complicated for them. Yes, you may need to get used to the principle of work of the needle threader, but you will be able to freely use it in the future.

You may watch one of the dozens of educational videos on how to use the needle threader. In addition, there are guidelines in the manual.

However, the Singer 7258 Stylist sewing machine doesn’t have an automatic thread cutter.

Automatic Presser Foot Pressure

The Singer 7258 provides you with the automatic presser foot pressure system. It means that the machine decides on the appropriate pressure of the presser foot depending on the type of project you work with.

Self-Adjusting Tension

Self-adjusting tension is programmed to make the perfect stitches depending on the material and type of decorative stitches you chose.

The self-adjusting tension system makes the stitches looser or tighter automatically and you don’t need to spend any extra time and think of the appropriate thread tension.

Some sewists complain that the feature doe not work perfectly, but the problem is hidden in the way you thread the bobbin. The self-adjusting system will work great if you made the pre-threading part correctly.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Variable Speed Control

Thanks to the speed control slider, you can achieve a steady speed without using the foot pedal.

Beginners who have never pressed the foot pedal will probably like this feature because you don’t need to spend much time learning how to use the simple slider to control the sewing speed. But you can still the foot pedal if you like.

The computerized sewing machine also allows us to start sewing and stop the machine with a simple pressing of a button.

Free Arm

The Singer 7258 sewing machine has a built-in free arm that can be changed on the accessory tray.

If you sew the collars of cuffs now take the free arm out. It will be useful for all the circular parts of garments.

Feed Dogs

Many sewists may expect to have the possibility to lower the feed dogs as well as they could do it on other sewing machines.

However, you can not do it with the Singer 7258 sewing machine. But you can put the darning plate on the feed dogs instead. This will allow for the free movement of the fabric during the sewing process.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Programmable Needle

This function allows us to program the needle to either stop in the down or in the up position when you stop sewing. Yes, it can be done manually, but technology made this process automatic.

The down position will be especially useful for sewists who practice free-motion quilting or do embroidery. You will be able to raise the sewing foot, and the fabric you sew on will not move because of the needle holding it.

The beginner should better look for a computerized sewing machine that has a programmable needle function.

LCD Screen

All the computerized sewing machines have LCD displays. Some are bigger, and some are smaller, but the main role of the LCD display is to help you select the stitch and show the current settings of the sewing machine.

Singer 7258 sewing machine has a small LCD display which is pretty helpful. The size of it doesn’t matter and does not depend on its work.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

LED Lighting

The Singer 7258 sewing machine has other attractive features like LED lighting. You will never complain about the quality of lighting the sewing machine provides. Read any sewing machine review, and you will see that all the users are satisfied with the quality of the lighting.

Yes, some machines may provide insufficient lighting and the users need to look for separate sources of light. Besides, LED lighting is just what you need if you have problems with vision.

Metal Frame

The heavy-duty machine has a metal frame. You will be thankful you have chosen the machine during transportation because plastic machines are easy to damage.

The metal frame also allows us to work with very thick fabric, which is good news for many advanced users. This feature also tells us that the machine is durable and will work for many years.


The Singer 7258 is a portable machine because it weighs 14. 6 pounds. Thanks to this weight you can sew far beyond your sewing room.

You can take the machine for fashion sewing everywhere. The lightweight is important for people who often move or take the sewing machine to work.

The Singer 7258 sewing machine comes with a hard case that allows transporting the machine with no risk to scratch it.

Automatic Reverse Button

The sewing machine with the drop-in bobbin comes with the automatic reverse button to sew the reverse stitches, of course. The reverse stitches strengthen the start and the end of the stitch line by moving backward on the already existing stitches.

Singer 7258 Review: Perfect Machine For Light Fabrics?

Sewing Machine Review: Final Words

Singer 7258 Stylist is the best sewing machine for people who look for a user-friendly machine with dozens of computerized functions.

It is also a great machine for those who dream about sewing their own garments with beautiful embroidery and unique design because the machine comes with 76 decorative stitches.

The machine is also durable and comes with a hard case so it is perfect for transportation. That is why you can buy the machine if you want to travel while working.

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