Singer M3500 – Basic Features For a Wonderful Price

Singer M3500 - Basic Features For a Wonderful Price

You should better pay attention to the Singer M3500 if you are looking for the simple machine with the reasonable price. Singer M3500 doesn’t have any extended features so you will not overpay. It makes the model perfect fro beginners who want to introduce themselves to the sewing world without spending a fortune.

Machine will be a good companion for people who need to do many simple job. It is sturdy and provides sewists with 110 stitch applications.

So let’s take a closer look at the Singer M3500, and find out the specifics, functions, and price. We will also tell you about the alternative models that have the same or similar features.

Technical Specifications

The sewing machine is powerful and durable but it doesn’t come with advanced characteristics. Nevertheless, the machine doesn’t lack any basic convenience functions and has:

  • 32 Built-in stitches         
  • Front loading bobbin
  • 750 stitches per minute maximum sewing speed
  • One-step buttonhole     
  • Front-load bobbin          
  • 1 Buttonhole pattern
  • Built-in needle threader             
  • Free arm            
  • Dimensions: 15.16 x 7.35 x 10.9 inch
  • Weight: 11.79 lbs

You may find similar characteristics in most mechanical machines in this price range. The sewing machine offers basic technical specifications and an increased number of stitches. So the model will be enough for your basic projects.

Singer M3500 - Basic Features For a Wonderful Price

Accessories of the Sewing Machine

The most important part of unpacking the machine is checking on the accessories. Each accessory will be essential for your sewing routine so try to save all the accessories in one place and not lose any of them, otherwise, you will need to spend extra money. The Singer M3500 sewing machine comes with:

  • 15 class transparent bobbins;
  • Seam ripper;
  • Power cord;
  • Thread spool cap;
  • Soft cover;
  • Auxiliary spool pin;
  • Needle plate screwdriver;
  • Foot control;
  • Pack of needles;
  • Darning plate;
  • Soft-sided dust cover;
  • Edge &Quilting Guide.

Everything you see in the list, starting from the seam ripper, lint brush, and soft-sided dust cover and ending with the auxiliary spool pin will be applied during a certain stage of work. That is why you need to have all the items at hand.

Presser feet of the Sewing Machine

The Singer M3500 sewing machine comes with four snap-on presser feet. There are machines that provide a larger number of snap-on presser feet, but the model provides us with basic sewing feet like an all-purpose foot.

The sewing feet can easily be switched depending on the project you work with.

Buttonhole Foot

The first step to sewing the button on is to choose the button that will suit the clothes. The second step is to make the buttonhole perfectly sized. And the final step is performed by the buttonhole foot. This presser foot makes the buttonhole perfectly sized, so it will fit the button you need to sew on perfectly. Place the button on the buttonhole foot and get the hole of the ideal size.

Button Sewing Foot

And then the time to fill the buttonhole comes. That is where you need to use the button sewing foot, which, as you could guess, will sew the button down. The button will stay still and will become part of the clothing in a few seconds thanks to the presser foot.

Zipper Foot

There are many situations and sewing projects when you may need to insert a zipper. Yes, you can sew the zipper on with a regular presser foot, but a zipper foot is specifically made for this purpose, so it is better to use it when you need to add a zipper.

All Purpose Foot

This presser foot comes with all the sewing machines. The presser foot is a basic foot that is used for general projects. So you should use this foot for your everyday, regular projects. It can work with zigzag stitches and straight stitches.

Who is Singer M3500 for?

The market is full of sewing machines of different types. You can find computerized and automatic, advanced and entry-level models. But how to find a sewing machine that will be good just for you?

Why Should I Choose the Singer M3500 Sewing Machine?

The singer is famous for producing high-quality and sturdy machines. The company has been operating since 1851 and didn’t disappoint the sewists up to nowadays. Singer company has been the first big player who focuses on home machine machines rather than industrial models.

The owners of the company concentrated on manufacturing simple-to-use and affordable models. That is why you can trust Singer and all its products including the Singer M3500 sewing machine, which is simple and reasonably priced.

Singer M3500 for Beginners

This model is a great option for beginners, and people who have never practiced sewing.

Firstly, the sewing machine is mechanical. It means that it is not equipped with an extended number of features that may ease your sewing work. You will only use the functions, dials, and knobs needed to start, thread, and control the machine. This way, beginners are not distracted by the wide number of stitches.

You will probably start sewing right away, without any pre-preparation. Thanks to the intuitive controls you may even miss the manual part.

Singer M3500 for Professionals

A model is also a great machine for sewers with some experience. Sewists usually choose mechanical machines when they know that they are looking for a basic and hard-working machine. Singer is a heavy-duty machine that can handle long hours of work.

You will not regret buying the machine if you need it for versatile but basic sewing projects. It can cope with simple sewing and allows the implementation of creative projects.

Price of the Model

The price will please both beginners and advanced users. Yes, the machine doesn’t have any special features but it doesn’t cost much either. By choosing this model you will pay only for the functions you will use every day, with no overpaying.

Singer M3500

The SINGER M3500 sewing machine offers basic and decorative stitches, along with stretch stitches so you can sew a wide range of fabrics, from sheer to stretch knit to denim and more

The machine has a low price but is sturdy and built to last. So it is a perfect option for people who need a simple mechanical machine.

The beginners who want to introduce themselves to sewing will not overpay for additional features. So they won’t suffer from a big financial loss if they understand that they don’t want to continue their sewing practices. The model is a great trial version.

Features of the Singer M3500 Sewing Machine

As we mentioned before, the Singer M3500 sewing machine doesn’t have many advanced functions. However, the Singer M3500 sewing machine offers all the basic and essential features that may be needed for simple sewing projects.

Basic and Decorative Stitches

Are you ready to explore various stitch techniques with the Singer M3500 sewing machine and easy stitch selection dial? Singer M3500 sewing machine offers 110 stitch applications.

110 stitch applications allow us to choose from a great diversity of built-in stitches. The 110 stitch applications are important for diverse and creative sewing projects.

Yes, other similar machines have a wider choice of stitch applications and allow you to choose from more than 35 stitches. But the 110 stitch applications are enough to create some unique designs for diverse projects with an easy stitch selection dial.

Besides, many sewers don’t use various stitch techniques and focus on the single stitch application.

Where Can I Apply the Built-in Stitches?

All the stitch applications can be applied to different types of fabrics. You can be sure that the machine does not practice skipping stitches on any fabric. The basic and decorative stitches will be of the same quality on stretchy fabric or heavy fabric like denim. You can use them for ordinary and decorative sewing.

How to adjust the selected stitch?

The stitch application has never been that easy. You should apply adjustable stitch length depending on the type of fabric.

Singer M3500 - Basic Features For a Wonderful Price

Stitch Lengt

You need to adjust the stitch length at 1.5 – 2mm if you work with the thinner fabric. Use the adjustable stitch length in the 2.0 – 2.5mm range if you sew stitches at the standard fabric. And finally, it is better to sew stitches of 3.0 to 4.0 for the heavier fabric.

There are many stitch types and you can sew seams with any selected stitch width or length. Find the easy stitch selection dial and turn it left or right depending on the stitch width or length you need. The stitch selector dial allows you to customize stitches in the allowed range.

Adjusting the length of the stretch stitches with the stitch selector dial means making each stitch longer. The longer the stretch stitches are the faster the sewing process will go. Besides the longer stitches are the more easily they can be removed. The stitch width can also be adjusted easily if you want to customize stitches.

One Step Buttonhole

Making a buttonhole can be a long or short process. Some machines make buttonholes in four steps, and some in one.

The Singer M3500 sewing machine makes buttonholes in one step, which is not typical for mechanical machines. That is why 1 step buttonhole can be considered a strong side of the model. 

Besides, there is a special presser button hole foot for making the holes of the perfect sizes.

Ease Free Arm

The Singer M3500 sewing machine is equipped with a built-in arm to sew trouser hems, sleeve cuffs, and much more. 

The arm is needed to sew trouser hems, collars, or sleeve cuffs because it is not possible to make stitches on circular parts without a special surface.  To put it briefly, all the tubular parts of garments.

This way you can make stitches on all hard-to-reach areas of clothes.

Removable storage compartment 

You can switch the arm to the removable storage compartment. Here you can save all the accessories, threads, and needles so that they don’t get lost.

Automatic Needle Threader

You need to thread the needle in any case — when you sew with the needle manually and when the sewing machine does everything for you. Threading the needle may be tiring for the eyes and nerves, but the threader eliminates eye strain and effortlessly threads the needle.

However, the built-in needle threader eases this process and you can thread your needle with the press of the lever. The thread will be guided to the needle by the machine.

You will need to change the thread often, for example, when you select a thread of another color, not only at the start. So the threader that eliminates eye strain and effortlessly threads the needle will be pretty useful.

Reverse Lever

We all want to sew the string and long-lasting stitches. But sometimes the simple stitching is not enough and we need additional tools to prevent unraveling of the seams. That is where the reverse lever comes in handy. It can prevent unraveling of the seams and make them durable.

That is why you can press the reverse lever to secure the seams at the start and the end of work.

Metal Frame

There are machines made from plastic and from metal. The first type of machine will not serve you for more than a few years.

The most important aspect of any product is durability. And the Singer M3500 can surprise you with the machine’s interior frame.

The machine’s interior frame is made of metal and will serve you for many years. 


The Singer company doesn’t doubt the quality of its products. That is why the model comes with a 25-year warranty. But the warranty is divided into parts. The whole warranty only applies to the body of the machine.

The adjustments are warranted only for 3 months. Electronic components come with a 2 years warranty.

What Fabrics Can the Sewing Machine Sew?

Not all machines can handle heavy fabrics, and sew effectively from sheer to stretch knit for each and every project. Each sewing machine is meant to work with a specific kind of fabric.

Singer M3500 - Basic Features For a Wonderful Price

Heavy Fabrics

The regular machines can mostly cope with cotton and are not suitable for fabrics like denim or leather. That is where heavy-duty machines come in handy. The heavy-duty models are specifically made to sew and cut a few layers of thicker fabrics.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter

Singer M3500 sewing machine can not cope with all types of fabrics like denim, and vinyl because it doesn’t have the extra high foot lifter that lets us accommodate thick fabrics. It is not possible to accommodate thick fabrics without the extra space provided by the specific foot.

Heavy Duty metal frame

Yes, the Singer M3500 sewing machine has a heavy-duty metal frame which is one of the features of heavy-duty machines. Theoretically, the Singer sewing machine can sew heavy fabrics thanks to the heavy-duty metal frame but its motor is not powerful enough to cope with big projects.

However, the heavy-duty metal frame makes the machine more durable.

Lighter Fabrics

Nevertheless, Singer M3500 sewing machine will easily sew lighter fabrics from sheer to stretch knit. You will feel the ease of use sewing regular fabric and making regular stitches.

Don’t hesitate to sew cotton, lace, or silk which are lightweight fabrics. The machine will also handle thicker fabrics like sateen, or velvet.

How to Sew the Different Types of Fabric?

Each type of fabric requires a specific sewing technique. Besides, the specific sewing technique is not the single factor you should consider.

You need to select the specific needles and threads. It is especially important when you need to make a few seams at the heavy fabric. The regular needle is not suitable for each and every project and may break all get stuck when you sew denim.


The Singer sewing machine has a basic foot that allows sewing with zigzag built-in stitches, which in turn, lets us create many decorative designs. So users who sew with the Singer M3500 can practice decorative sewing. This way you can also work on the most complicated projects apart from simple ones.

You will have full sewing freedom if you dream of applying various sewing techniques. Being a beginner doesn’t affect your creativity, because you can watch guides and videos on how to use various sewing techniques.

Pros and Cons of the Sewing Machine

Although sewing machine offers basic functions they can be divided into stronger and weaker sides. Now we will tell you what are the advantages of the Singer M3500 and what can disappoint you when you receive the sewing machine.

Advantages of the Machine

The Singer M3500 machine with the front-loading bobbin will surprise you by delivering consistent results. And now we will explain to you why.

Long Lasting Led Lighting

Long-lasting led lighting is very important, especially for people who have poor vision. They may need additional lighting because some machines have dull lights.

But luckily, the Singer sewing machine is equipped with bright lights that will make each seam clearly visible. You will not need to look for a special place in your room or buy extra lamps, so it is a big plus.

Sewing Speed

The sewing speed of the machine defines your productivity and the scope of work that you can do. The Singer M3500 sewing machine can sew with a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute. It is an average speed, and some machines can sew faster, but it is still enough for basic projects.

How to Control the Sewing Speed with the Foot Pedal?

The computerized machines allow controlling the sewing speed by pressing the buttons. But mechanical machines use the same old foot pedal. This process is similar to pressing the pedals of a car. You need to press the foot pedal down to accelerate the machine and release the foot pedal to make it stop.

The Darning Plate

The Singer M3500 sewing machine is equipped with a plate that allows darning tears and holes. It doesn’t let the fabric tug during the sewing process.

Soft Cover

The machine cover allows us to save the Singer M3500 sewing machine dust free. This feature is great because you will not need to look for a special place to save the machine dust free.


The Singer M3500 machine weighs only 11.79 lbs. This is great news for people who need to transport their machines often. Taking the machine to work will make you no trouble because the machine is really easy.

Disadvantages of the Machine

You can find both pros and cons on the same page link because we provide an honest review. So let’s look at the cons of the machine.

Heavy fabrics

The machine can cope with small projects of denim and other fabrics, however, you will not be able to sew the vinyl or any other heavy fabric for a long time.

No manual

The machine doesn’t provide a hard copy of the manual. You need to download the manual on the same page link when you bought the machine. Go to the Singer website if you can not find the manual anywhere.

Similar Sewing Machines

The Singer M3500 is a basic machine that does not come with any extended features, so it is easy to find alternatives in the same price range.

Brother SM2700

This Brother machine is a good alternative to the Singer M3500. It also has a free arm, 1-step buttonhole, and stitch adjustment feature. However, the Brother machine has a smaller number of stitches, namely 27 built-in stitches.

Brother SM-2700

The SM2700 features a lightweight, portable design, yet with a full set of built-in sewing features and included accessories. Perfect for beginner to more advanced sewers, it offers the versatility of 27 built-in stitches, with 63 stitch functions

There are also a few more similar machines: Bernette B35, and EverSewn Sparrow 15. They have similar functions and can be a decent replacement for the Singer M3500.

Bernette b35
  • Including 23 stitches and seven presser feet
EverSewn Sparrow 15
  • The 32 built-in stitches include 1 buttonhole

Final Words

The Singer M3500 is a good machine for both experienced sewists and beginners. It has a whole set of features that may be necessary during sewing. It is famous for delivering consistent results for many years.

The machine also comes with all possible accessories like a seam ripper, lint brush, needle plate screwdriver, and thread spool cap.

It has four feet, including a zigzag foot, which means that the machine sews many decorative techniques with ease. The machine sews many types of fabric except for leather and other extra heavy material.

That is why you can buy the machine with no doubts.

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