The Best Sewing Machine Brother Xr9550 Review For Your Needlework

In this Brother XR9550 review, we will tell you about one of the best sewing machines manufactured by the Brothers’ company. Nevertheless, Brother sewing machines are widely popular thanks to their durability and easy-to-use versatile features.

The model machine is suitable for various sewing projects and can work with different fabrics. Besides, the sewing machine is a great option for both advanced and starter sewers. Brother XR9550 sewing machine is automated and you will not need to put much effort to work on long projects.

The Best Sewing Machine Brother Xr9550 Review For Your Needlework

In this Brother XR9550 sewing machine review we will tell you about all the top features, advantages, and disadvantages of the sewing machine.

Brother XR9550 Accessory Kit

Brother industries have never disappointed users with the number of accessories.

You need to have all the necessary tools at your disposal if you want to start sewing right away. Thanks to the Brother machine you will not need to spend time shopping for accessories. The Brother sewing machine offers the following set of accessories:

  • wide table
  • hard case
  • accessory pouch
  • bobbins (4)
  • seam ripper
  • needle set
  • ballpoint needle
  • twin needle
  • cleaning brush
  • eyelet punch
  • screwdriver
  • spool caps (3)
  • extra spool pin
  • power cord
  • operation manual

The only things you lack to start sewing are needles and fabrics. The Brother sewing machine has much more accessories than other sewing machines in the Brother’s line. Brother xr9550 has a wide range of presser feet. There are eight presser feet in total:

  • Buttonhole foot
  • Blind hem stitch
  • Multi-purpose guide foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Spring-action quilting foot
  • Overcasting foot Monogramming foot
  • Zigzag foot
  • Button sewing foot

As you can see, Brother sewing machine has all the basic presser feet needed to start sewing. Besides, the sewing machine also has advanced technical specifications:

  • Warranty: 1/2/25 year limited warranty
  • Lighting type LED
  • Needle position key (up and down)
  • The advanced needle threading system
  • Quick set bobbin
  • Instructional DVD
  • Upper thread sensor
  • USB Cable: not available

The computerized machine has the following dimensions:

  • Carton dimensions: (W” x D” x H”) 12.55″ x 20.0″ x 17.7″
  • Carton weight: 19.6 lbs
  • Unit dimensions: (W” x D” x H”) 16.26″ x 7.01″ x 12.48″
  • Unit weight: 10.14 lbs

The Brother sewing machine is a perfect sewing machine that is fully equipped for sewing. You will be able to enjoy the wide range of built-in stitches and useful functions:

  • 1 built-in lettering font
  • 165 built-in stitches
  • 8 buttonhole styles
  • speed control

Such functions as speed control will let you change the speed of the versatile sewing machine with a small switch of a dial.

You will be able to work with lots of different projects and types of fabrics including thick fabrics and loftier ones thanks yo the wide choice of functions.

How to Use The Brother XR9950 Sewing Machine

You may be confused as the sewing machine has many different buttons and dials. However, by spending some time practicing you will learn how to use all of them and will be able to manage them automatically. Let’s consider all the sewing machine offers.

Speed control

The speed slider lets you control the speed of the sewing machine. You can play with speed settings and set the maximum speed of 850 stitches per minute. The speed slider is situated at the front of the Brother XR9550.

The Best Sewing Machine Brother Xr9550 Review For Your Needlework

Stitch guide

Selection of the built-in stitches has never been easier with the stitch selection guide. Just look at the numbers located on the right front side of the sewing machine.

Thanks to the stitch guide you will not need to look for the necessary stitch number in the manual, because all the information will be situated right in front of you.


The thing that grabs the attention first is an LCD display. The display was designed for you to select built-in stitches and adjust stitch length and width according to the project.

Needle up and Down, Start and Stop Buttons

You can sew without engaging the foot pedal if you don’t want to. All you need is to use the control buttons located at the front of the sewing machine.

Besides, there is one more automated feature of the Brother xr9550prw: the automatic needle threader.

Manual thread cutter

You will find the blade used to cut the thread off when you finished sewing on the side of the sewing machine. It is pretty useful and quicks up the process.


The handwheel lets you control the movements of the needle. It is situated on the side of the sewing machine.

Tension dial

The function lets you adjust the tension of the sewing machine. You will see it at the top of the sewing machine.

Spool Holder, Automatic Bobbin winder, Thread guides Seam allowance

These pictures located at the top of the Brother XR 9550 sewing machine are meant to remind you how to wind the bobbin, and use other features. Look at the thread guides to thread the needle manually or automatically. These are all the buttons that can be found on the computerized sewing machine.

If you are a starter sewer you should use the instruction manual first or the instructional DVD.

The Best Sewing Machine Brother Xr9550 Review For Your Needlework

You will find all the necessary information on how to use each tool of the sewing machine, and how to set them up in the instruction manual. If you prefer watching to reading turn on the instructional DVD manual right away. The practical presentation of the instructional DVD will help you to repeat all the steps one by one.

You can combine instructional DVD and instruction manual to perfectly understand how the machine work because the instruction manual includes a detailed description of each process.

Brother XR 9550 Versatile Sewing Machine Features

All Brother sewing machines are known for their atomized features. The computerized sewing machine is equipped with all the features needed for the implementation of different types of sewing projects.

The machine is more useful for professional users as they will not need to do the monotonous work manually. The model does all the routine with a simple press of the lever. Each feature makes the sewing machine worthy of your attention.

The Number of Built-In Stitches and One-Step Buttonholes

The wide number of built-in stitches and extended stitch settings is what creative and professional sewist dreams about. Decorative stitches will let you make any project unique.

Sewing with the Brother xr9550prw you will be able to use the following built-in stitches:

  • zigzag stitches
  • straight stitches
  • elastic stitches
  • heirloom stitches
  • overcasting stitches
  • quilting stitches
  • decorative stitches

The number of built-in stitches is 110 in total, however, there are additional 55 alphanumeric decorative and heirloom stitches.

The embroidery machine allows you to do delicate stitch work. This number of built-in stitches lets you reveal all your imagination, and create masterpieces with a computerized sewing machine.

Number of Presser Feet

Brother xr9550prw sewing and quilting machine offers sewists as many sewing feet as possible. Each presser foot has its role and should be used in different situations:

  • Buttonhole Foot: this foot allows the creation of buttonhole styles automatically based on the size of the button.
  • Overcasting foot: this foot is needed to process the edges of the piece of fabric creating the seam. As you could guess, the presser foot is used with overcasting stitches
  • Zigzag foot: you will use this presser foot every day, as it is a basic sewing foot that can be used with a zigzag or a straight stitch.
  • Button sewing foot: used to work with the buttons
  • Monogramming foot: is designed to make your projects more diverse with the help of symbols, numbers, and letters
  • Zipper foot: needed to insert a zipper into the fabric
  • Spring action quilting foot: allows using free-motion quilting
  • Blind stitch foot: allows for the creation of the blind hems on the clothing

The presser foot can be easily changed with a single press of a lever. It is located at the back of the presser foot holder.

If you don’t want to be limited by the 8 presser feet you are free to buy extra presser feet. There are cheap sets of 32 additional presser feet so that you get a wider range of actions.

Drop-in Bobbin System

Brother XR9550 sewing and quilting machine has a drop-in bobbin system. The model works based on quick-set and top-drop bobbins of class 15.

You can always check how to use bobbin winding at the top of the sewing machine. You should drop the bobbin into the bobbin case after dropping it from the top.

Then you will need to direct the bobbin thread due to the guide. And that’s all you need to finish bobbin winding. The thread on the bobbin wound goes evenly.

The needle will also be threaded automatically.

Automatic Needle Threading System

You can thread the Brother XR9550 sewing and quilting machine manually, or with the help of the automatic needle threading system. Use the thread guides if you want to thread the needle by yourself.

The instruction on the needle threading system can be found at the top of the sewing machine. Then you will see the thread right in front of the needle and will be able to pass it through with the help of an automatic needle threader.

You should better use an automatic needle threader if you don’t like threading the needle manually or have poor vision. All you need to do to use the automatic needle threader is simply switch the lever.

Built-in Free Arm

Under the flat top compartment of the Xr9550 sewing machine is situated the built-in free arm.

The free arm is pretty useful when you work with clothes. Many clothing has tubular parts, for example, sewing cuffs, sleeves, or pant hems. That is when you may need to use the free arm.

The Best Sewing Machine Brother Xr9550 Review For Your Needlework

LCD Screen

The LCD screen will be very useful for beginners because it shows all the stitches’ availability. Each stitch has its engraved letter. You will see the letter appearing on the screen when you choose a certain stitch.

The screen also helps display the errors on the screen. For example, the LCD screen will show you if you forgot to adjust the presser foot before starting sewing. It will be displayed as an E1.

There is also an E6. This error appears when the thread is tangled which can lead to the locking up of the motor.

This way you will always know if something goes wrong and you need to set some tool right.

You can also program the XR9550 sewing machine, and program the letters as you wish. It will let you deviate from the monogramming font sequence. There is also a possibility to re-program the basic buttons.

Pros of the Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother sewing machines are the ones of the most compatible sewing machines. The sewing machines are reliable and long-lasting.

Brother XR9550PRW is fully automized and will be a good choice for sewists who want to work with more advanced models with an automatic needle threading system.

You don’t need to look for the testimonials on the model because you can use our Brother xr9550 review.

Possibility to Work with Different Fabrics

Although the Brother XR9550 sewing machine is not designed for constant sewing denim and other thick fabrics, it can still handle it. You can use a great machine with all the possible types of fabrics. The machine works super smoothly with thin fabrics.

You need to choose the correct size of the needle if you work with thicker fabrics. Lower the feed dogs lever if the sewing machine stumbles.


Brother XR9550 is considered a portable sewing machine. It weighs only 10 lbs and you can transport it from the sewing table with no effort.

What is more, transportation has never been easier because the Brother XR9550 great machine has a hard case. It is designed to protect the sewing machine well. The case also protects the brother sewing machine from dust, when it stays at the sewing table for a long time.

Ability To Quilt

The Brother XR9550 sewing machine is not only a sewing but a quilting machine. The Brother XR9550 sewing machine was designed to work with big pieces of fabric, which is why it has a wide table. Of course, you may find it difficult to work with free-motion quilting ( acquired thanks to the spring-action quilting foot) if the job requires much space, but you still can sew.

The Best Sewing Machine Brother Xr9550 Review For Your Needlework

You will also not need to cover the feed dogs with the darning plate manually because they can be dropped with a help of a slider. Quilters will appreciate the fact that the sewing machine isn’t equipped with a walking foot.

The machine is not the best option for people who mostly work with embroidery, but you can still do some basic jobs thanks to 55 built-in alphanumeric stitches and use it as an embroidery machine.

Sewing Speed

The Brother XR9550 sewing machine has an 850 stitches per minute sewing speed, which is considered higher than average. Most Brother sewing machines have 750 stitches per minute sewing speed which makes the Brother XR9550 stronger.

But don’t confuse Brother XR9550 with a serger. Yes, Brother XR9550 is fast but it still can’t equal the real sergers. The special Brother sewing machines sew with a much higher sewing speed, starting from 1000 sews per minute and ending with 1500. That is why you should look for the other serger if you need to finish raw edges and work at a higher speed.


Brother Industries LTD is known for producing quiet sewing machines, and the Brother XR9550 sewing machine is no exception.

You can work whenever you like thanks to the Brother XR9550 sewing machine as it doesn’t produce any noise. So you will not need to abandon your evening sessions.

Hint: find the video of the Brother XR9550 sewing machine if you want to know how it sounds to make sure it is not too noisy for you.

Cons Of the Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother XR9550PRW is a high-quality sewing machine as it is manufactured by the Brother machines line. Brother sewing machines are usually trusted by users but there are still some minor complaints. But the Brother sewing machines are known for the balance between price and quality.


Many XR9550 users complain about the lighting quality of the computerized sewing machine. The lighting is not enough to enlighten all the sewing surfaces. But it is not a big problem, because you can arrange the extra lighting yourself.


Although Brother XR9550PRW has a hard case it doesn’t have an iron frame. The model is made of plastic, so some parts of the sewing machine can be easily damaged. However, the Brother XR9550PRW model will unlikely break if you transport it in the case, and will keep it in a safe place.

Does Brother XR9550PRW Sewing Machine Provide a Warranty?

Brother sewing machines tend to provide limited warranties. Brother XR9550PRW also has a limited 25-year warranty.

The body of the Brother XR9550PRW is warranted for 25 years. But you can use only 1-year warranty for other parts and accessories of the Brother XR9550PRW sewing machine.

All the electronic parts and printed circuit boards are warranted for two years.

Don’t forget to save the check, otherwise, you will not be able to use the warranty.

Is Brother XR9550 Sewing Machine Good for Beginners?

If you look through our Brother xr9550 review you will see that Brother XR9550 is a perfect choice for a first sewing machine.

Beginners will benefit from automatic sewing features like an automated needle threader, bobbin winding, drop-in bobbin, and thread cutter. All these functions make sewing easier.

You will not need to thread the needle manually and will learn to use modern sewing machines from the start.

The Best Sewing Machine Brother Xr9550 Review For Your Needlework

Moreover, the Brother XR9550 machine has a well-detailed manual and a video guide. All you need to do is watch the video, and you will learn how to set up the sewing machine. Besides, there are pictures with guides right at the sewing machine. So, there is no chance to stuck in the sewing process.

Does Sewing Machine Fit Professionals?

Experienced sewers will also find sewing machines very useful. Although advanced users are familiar with basic manual work they still seek automatic features, like automatic needle threading.

The machine has lightweight and easy to transport. You can take the machine to work with no worries because it has a solid case. That is why Brother XR9550 is the best choice for professional users.

Sewing Machine Review: Final Words

Brother XR9550 model is equipped with top automatic sewing features and has 165 built-in stitches. You can choose from a wide variety of decorative and basic stitches, and work with a zigzag or blind stitch.

There are also 8 buttonhole styles and all the accessories like a power cord needed. It makes the model perfect for both sewing and quilting.

The model is portable and weighs only 10 lbs which makes it perfect for people who need to transport the machine often.

The machine will be perfect for beginners and experienced users thanks to its automatic features and a high sewing speed of 850 SPM.

This way, you can buy the Brother XR9550 model if you work with different types of projects that needed to be done quality and quickly.

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