How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? – Quick Tutorial!

There is no special technique or machine that made on how to sew a zipper by hand.

You can zip your hand stitching anywhere, even in your own flat. Also you can zip everything that can be zipped.

Zip your backpack, your jacket, your wallet etc. In case you have trobles with sew a zipper, common needle – is your choise, try to chode with little length. Insert it under prick or tape stitch and push it in any side.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Be carefull with it try no to choose wrong side, and keep in touch especially on the edge.

Zipper teeth can have different pattern but seam and two rows stay ordinary. At the factory zipper can be zip using different ways: machine stitching, regular machine or zipper by hand.

But for you zipper by hand – best choise!

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Faq about zippy zipper

  • Zippers are available in different colors, sizes, and lengths. For example, the number in the name of a zipper, #3, represents the chain width, which is 3 mm. You can see the number on the tag that is stretched on certain zippers.
  • If you’re not happy with the length of the zipper you’re about to insert and it’s plastic, trim it. Hand-stitch the lower half inch of the zipper from the required length, and you’ll have a zipper of the perfect length.
  • To accurately sew in the zipper, you will need a zipper foot.
  • There are various methods to sew in a zipper. Center method, sometimes called center zipper, open zipper and invisible zipper method.
How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Introduction in sewing zippers

There are two kinds of stitches: metal zipper and plastic zipper.

In case you using metal zipper you provide more safety to your stitch, because it become more strong. But there can be some problems with zipper opening, so, try to pull it more. But if you can’t do it, there is seam ripper.

Seam ripper it’s a great thing you can use.

Lapped zipper – classic problem with zips. But, fortunatly, there are some tips that may help you.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Using sewing machine, great variant to overcome that problem. But, if you use it yourself there can be problem with zipper foot.

So, try to buy one more for a change. When you try to fix something, use pin.

Pin can always help you not to forget place where you start or something like that.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Be careful with the seam allowance

Be caution not to cut off too large seam allowance, as this will result in a failed sewing.

Not all fabrics can be sewn with such a fastener without any problems.

It is easy to sew a zipper to dense textured materials without distortion or stretching, which is not the case with thin fabrics or knitwear.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Types of zipper

First, you need to choose the right clasp for your needs and the right length.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Spiral or twisted zippers

It is made of synthetic material wrapped in a spiral, either wound on a webbing or sewn to it. It is necessary as a zipper for shoes and bags; suits, jackets and jackets of various styles.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Tractor zipper

Tractor zipper is shaped like a tractor track. Unlike a spiral zipper, it consists of individual plastic tooth attached to a webbing. It is well suited for use with knitted products, creating a kind of chic on sports or urban outerwear.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Metal zippers

Metal zippers look similar to a tractor clasp, but the tooth are made of metal, usually brass or nickel. It is an integral part of high-quality denim products, and will also find its application on sports and leisurewear.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Concealed zippers

Concealed zippers, the tooth of which are covered with a band and are practically invisible. Zippers for hermetic connection, used, for example, in waterproof and protective suits, have a more complex design; such zippers require caution maintenance, otherwise they quickly become unusable.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Instructions on how sewing zipper by hand

Now we will look at the method of how to sew a zipper very easily and simply!

First of all, process the edges of the fabric, you can use regular zigzag embroidery. Also, be caution not to cut off too large seam allowance, as this will result in a failed sewing.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Position the zipper face down on the seam and tack it on. Center the dentition with the seam. Locate the zipper as far away from the neckline.

Sew a zipper tape through the seam allowances and the garment using a basting stitch.

There are woven lines on the zipper tape to guide you. If you sew a basting stitches along one of these lines, it can serve as a guide for your stitches on the outside of the garment.

Turn to the right side and iron the seam allowance.

When you sew a zipper try to press stronger for better quality of sew.

In case you sew in a zipper you need complete control of tape, zipper or even zippers. But when you stitching you just need to post analog and do it like that.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

You even can post a lot of analog instead of post one.

If you don’t have the applique, fold back seam allowance on each side of the center back, press the seam allowances to the garment, then open the zipper and pin it zipper face down along each edge so that the zipper prongs are just inside the fold of the folded back seam allowance.

After the zipper tape has been secured to the seam allowance with a few stitches for added security, move the needle to the right side of the garment and sew a zipper on using a stitch.

To perform a backstitch, the needle is pulled up and placed into the fabric on a thread of the garment to the right. The thread passes across the back to the left about 1/4 of an inch.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Once there is just about 3 more inches of string left, move to the wrong side of the clothing and make a few stitches to secure the zipper tape to the seam allowance before knotting and trimming the thread.

Do not pull too much on the basting stitches when removing the basting thread, as you might sew the basting thread through.

Trim these strands close to the fabric surface.

The fibers of the tent thread unwind and emerge from the thread sewn across them.

Remember that sewing zippers by hand can take time, but it’s worth the effort!

Sew a zipper by hand in the center

When you try to sew centered zipper be caution with a lot of thing: zipper, seaming, sew in a zipper can become big problem on the way of sewn everything.

You can use a lot of threads to do it better. It is better to sew all threads using machine stitching, it makes everything easier.

Other threatds that was sewn bad you can sew in a zipper.

There can be a lot of different pattern inserted in zipper. But when you zipper by hand try to chose more common pattern. Because other pattern can have prick stitch.

It s very difficult to sew prick stitch with a lot of zips.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Features of working with invisible zipper

If you use a low-quality invisible zipper, you will be disappointed with the result, even if you follow all the features.

Therefore, the most important thing, more important than a special foot, is a high-quality lock.

Signs of a quality concealed zipper tape

  • open and close it several times, the slider should slide easily and without feeling like an obstacle. Otherwise, it will break quickly;
  • near the open zipper, the plastic stop should be able to swing out freely with the teeth. If it is soldered to the webbing, you will not be able to bend it and start the stitch correctly;
  • the plastic stopper is flush with the teeth. Otherwise, the zipper will not close properly.
How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

When working with a hidden zipper, it is important to use a special foot. It is designed in such a way that when laying a stitches, it pushes the teeth as far as possible.

This is necessary so that only a thin line of connection between the two parts is visible on the front side of the skirt. This happens when the stitching is laid close to the zipper teeth.

Using a sewing machine

First, before you start to sew your closure, it is important to prepare the cloth and the closure proper. Ensure that they are both completely clean and dry. If the material is crumpled or folded, smooth it out before you sew.

Secondly, pin the clasp to the cloth using safety pins. This will prevent the fastener from shifting while you sew a zipper. Ensure that the clasp is positioned evenly and does not move as you sew in a zipper.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!

Third, install a special zipper foot on the garment. This foot allows the sewing machine to sew near the zipper without catching it during the process.

Fourth, select the joint to sew in a zipper on the garment. Typically, zigzag or slightly zigzag stitches are used to sew a zipper. Choose a joint size that matches the size of the clasp.

Fifth, start making the clasp, starting from the bottom and moving to the top. Make sure you sew evenly and leave the same distance from the border of the clasp.

Once you’ve finished making the closure, check it for compliance and correct any errors.

How To Sew A Zipper By Hand? - Quick Tutorial!


In conclusion, we can say that sew a zipper it is not so hard as you can think.

To sew a zipper you can prick stitch that inserted into everything you need.

With this knowledge you can sew a zipper without any problems. Or help anyone to sew a zipper.

Even show your children how to sew a zipper by hand.

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