Juki MO 735 Serger – Sewing Machine Review

juki mo 735

Despite the fact that Juki is not such famous as other manufacturers, the multipurpose Juki serger is worth paying attention too. What is more, if we talk about household sergers, this vendor is one of the best. Prior to these home sewing machines, sergers were merely commercial.

The suggested Juki Mo 735 5 thread serger sewing machine got into the market in 2003. The Juki Mo 735 provides a complex of a serger coupled with a coverstitch sewing machine.

In this article you would figure out the advantages and disadvantages of the Juki Mo 735 and realize if you need this model or not.

What are Sergers?

They are rather complex sewing machines, which are not easy to install and operate. The main purpose for utilizing them coupled with coverstitch machines is to sew knitted products as well as stretchy active wear, for example. That is a complicated issue to create super secure professional seams on such heavy weight fabrics, therefore the Juki Mo 735 comes to the assistance.

Probably, if you are looking through the reviews on coverlock machines, you may be experienced in such field and keen on a special kind of sewing like production of clothes coupled with household goods.

Juki MO 735 Serger

Such sewing machines are excessively complex, narrowly focused as well as high-priced. As for the Juki Mo 735, it falls into the middle price category. Nevertheless, the Juki Mo 735 is rather costly for an average amateur, however affordable and indispensable for a tiny clothing business.

How to Select an Overlock Serger Machine?

Selecting an appropriate overlock machine is rather complicated. Despite the fact that every of them possess functionality from a coverstitch to overlocker sewing machines simultaneously. These functions differ from one tool to another one.

In case you have realized that you require this kind of sewing maching, the following information would be useful for you.

Seam Choosing

Overlock machines is highly appreciated for the possibility to operate with overlock techniques coupled with cover seams simultaneously. However, keep in mind that exactly which ones are embedded into all suggested sewing machine may differ by a model.

Some could make a chain seam (the standard stitch of a coverstitch) and at a minimum 1 coverstitch. Others could create 3 and 4 thread overcast seams.

Additionally, you may get:

  1. Automatic rolled hemming with no need to replace the needle plate;
  2. 2 coupled with 3 thread flatlock;
  3. Both thin and broad overlock seams;
  4. 3 coupled with 4 thread overlock seams;
  5. Binding and decorative sewing capabilities.

Simplistic Threading

It is rather compex to thread a serger or 4an overlock sewing machine. Nevertheless, there are a couple of state-of-the-art models possess a possibility of self-threading. However, you would spend a fortune on such a sacramental function.

Many of the middle class coupled with low class possess color-coded thread guidelines, that are rather useful if giving the location of the parts you require are not concealed. Many suppliers append toggles that are able to steer thread guides to a location where you are able ti thread them more effortlessly.

Juki MO 735 Serger

Automated Pressure

The second most exhausting piece of work with that model of sewing machine is pressure regulation.

Many overlocker machines possess automated pressure settings that could greatly facilitate the work.

Automated Pressure Reset

One more difficulty is removing the sewing product from the sewing machine when you are done with stitching.

Besides, many sewing machines provide automated pressure reset. In other words, when you elevate the presser foot, the pressure weakens and it is simpler to obtain your work.

Lifter of the Knee

Keep in mind that some types of machine provide a knee lifter, as a coverstitch machine as well as a serger may be utilized for quilting.

This lifter is a metallic panel that inserts into a couple of machines. This function permits to motion this panel with the knee in order to elevate the presser foot whereas holding both arms on the product.

Adjustable Foot Pressure Dial

This useful function permits to decrease or increase the foot pressure.

This way you would easily handle any type of cloth.

Velocity Regulation

Nowadays, velocity regulation is a widespread function. Nevertheless, some sewing machines sometimes does not possess the velocity regulation, as plenty of sergers are mechanical machines.

Pretty much overlock sewing machines possess a scroll thumb for velocity regulation. It comes in useful for particular kinds of stitching, specifically from the moment cover stitch sewing machines stitch at higher speeds.

Easy Cutting Width Adjustment

The lower knife cutting width regulates with the dial and allows you to make ideal stitches as well as rolled ends with ease.

Characteristics of the Juki MO 735

If we talk about the features, this tiny Juki Mo 735 serger provides a wide range of features. Let’s talk about some of them in more detail.

From Two to Five Thread Stitching

Up to 5 thread serger offers an extremely high level of universality. In order to make an accurate decorative stitch for endings on ultra light weight cloth, you should utilize 2 or more threads.

As for the 3 coupled with 4 threads, they offers the seams for serger technique coupled with coverstitching simultaneously.

As for the 5 thread serger possibility may assist in order to facilitate your work.

Seam Choosing

In case you possess 3 needles coupled with up to 5 threads, you are able to create fashion techniques and sophisticated products with the help of the Juki Mo 735 serger.

The Juki Mo 735 involves some embedded seams, such as:

  1. Two upper as well as lower thread chain stitch seam;
  2. Two broad as well as thin thread overlock stitch;
  3. Two broad as well as thin thread flatlock stitch;
  4. Two thread rolled hemming;
  5. Three broad as well as thin thread overlock stitch;
  6. Three extremely stretchy thread;
  7. Three flatlock stitch thread;
  8. Three broad as well as thin blanket seam thread;
  9. Three broad as well as thin coverstitch thread;
  10. Three rolled stitch thread;
  11. Three rolled hem thread;
  12. Four broad coverstitch thread;
  13. Four overlock stitch thread;
  14. Five broad safety stitch thread.

The type of your work does not matter as it would be enough for every one.

Threading Assistance

Take into consideration that the suggested model – Juki Mo 735 is not a machine with the possibility of threading. Several consumers consider threading to be a complicated task.

Nevertheless, manufacturer attempted to facilitate the Juki Mo 735 serger by providing an emplacement arrangement for the super easy looper threading. Many things would rely on the uniqueness coupled with the functional capacity.

Pull-Out Cutting Knife Blades

Juki Mo 735 serger utilizes a cutting knife blades in order to crop stitch ends during sewing.

However, there are situations, for example coverstitching as well as decorative stitch ending when you do not covet to crop the edings. If operating with some sewing machines knife system you need to get rid of the knife blade. However, the suggested model Juki Mo 735 serger permits you to motion this knife system to a comfortable stance effortlessly.

Juki MO 735

Operating at High Velocity

Usually, such machines as sergers as well as coverstitches work at high velocity in contrast with the standard home stitching machine. The average velocity ranges from 1100 to 1300 seams per 60 seconds.

Take into account that the suggested model Juki Mo 735 serger is able to operate at super high velovity – 1500 seams per 60 seconds. The only nuance is that you are not able to decrease this speed if needed. However, in case you require such high velocity, the Juki Mo 735 serger is an outstanding option.

Embedded Automatic Rolled Hemming

An emdedded automatic rolled hemming is a sophisticated method to decorate the ends of a finished product or any separate coat of cloth. It will assist you to develop virtually every serger technique. Furthermore, you have no need to replace the needle plate.

If a machine does not possess such sewing capabilities, you would require to:

  • Shift;
  • Switch out;
  • Remove some parts.

With the help of embedded rolled hem, you would regulate everything you need with the assistance of single click of the toggle. Fortunately, the Juki Mo 735 possesses this function.

Multipurpose Presser Foot

The standard foot that comes with the Juki mo 735 serger is the multi function presser foot. It permits you to make fringing along edges by adding:

  • Even seams;
  • Tape;
  • Rubber band;
  • Ribbon;
  • Paillettes and so on.

You could do anything you want. It depends on your wishes. Snap-on presser foot helps you to replace the multipurpose presser foot to any other Juki foot with ease. Therefore, it is possible to reach the Juki Mo-735 full potential.

Front Extremely High Foot Lift Option

Extra high foot lift permits you to handle thick fabric and multiple layers of thick fabric easily.

You could do it with the adjustable foot pressure dial that could increase or decrease the foot presser if needed.

Serging Accuracy

You don’t need to guess the seam allowance thanks to the included stitch guideline.

You should merely utilize the conveniently located gauge that is on the protective cover and serge away. And therefore, creating accurate seam allowances.

Heavy Duty Upper & Lower Knife System

The Juki Mo 735 provides a system with the special drive to ensure consistent and smooth cutting for ultra light weight coupled with heavy weight fabrics.

Therefore, every fabric edge will be handled securely as well as accurately with the Juki Mo 735. Be sure that this machine cuts fabric smoothly.

High Level of Security

The Juki Mo 735 serger comes with the additional safety switches on the front and side covers.

They will provide extra safety while stitching. In case these covers are open, the Juki Mo 735 won’t sew.

Technical Specifications

Here is the list of technical specifications of the Juki Mo 735. After looking through it you will realize if the Juki Mo 735 suit you or not.

  1. The type of the machine – Mechanical;
  2. Thread – 2, 3, 4, 5;
  3. Color Coded Threading – Present;
  4. The amount of needles – 3;
  5. Specifications sewing speed – 1500 stitches per minute maximum;
  6. The stitch length in millimetres – Standard – 4 mm, Overlock – 2,5 mm;
  7. The breadth of the seams in millimetres – 7 mm, 5 mm, 2 mm;
  8. Needle threader – Does not have;
  9. Pull-out cutting knife system to assure consistent cutting – Present;
  10. Free Arm – Does not have;
  11. Size in inches – 15,3 x 14,7 x 16,2;
  12. Weight in ibs – 20;
  13. Guarantee – 5-year limited warranty.

Additional Accessories

  • Compensating presser foot;
  • Screwdriver & pair of pincers;
  • Lower knife system;
  • Spool cap & spool keeper;
  • Oil;
  • Guide panel;
  • Juki specialty feet;
  • Snap on presser feet;
  • Brush & needle input device;
  • Threader net;
  • Covers (provide extra safety);
  • Needle threader;
  • Kit with needles;
  • Upper looper converter;
  • Additional 2/3 thread selector;
  • Cover & chain seam extension plate;
  • Compartment for trash collection;
  • Bag for accessories;
  • Instruction habdbook;
  • Foot controlling & power cord.

Options Similar to the Juki Mo-735

Overlock models are narrowly targeted devices. Therefore, they are far fewer in the marketplace, than, for example, standard machines. Futhermore, a set of embedded functions as well as cost varies wildly.

Therefore, here you would find some machine models that possess a simular pack of features as the Juki – Mo 735. You could safely choose one of them, in case the Juki – Mo 735 does not fit you.

Baby Lock Ovation

The Baby Lock Ovation gathered in itself all the best functions. Here they are:

  1. Automated threading;
  2. Automated tension;
  3. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 thread stitching;
  4. Brand decorative stitch;
  5. 5 inch. of throat space;
  6. Knee lifter;
  7. Velocity regulation and much more.

To sum up, in case you covet one of the best high-end sewing machines in the marketplace and you don’t mind high price, the Baby Lock Ovation is for you.

Consew 14TU2345 Portable Coverlock

It is a 2, 3, 4, 5 thread serger, that possesses 2 needles in place of 3. Its stitching speed isn’t so high, however still satisfactory – 1.200 seams per 60 seconds.

Like any other machine, it possesses some disadvantages. For instance, it is not able to do a chainstitch independently. However, in case it is not a significant issue for you, then this machine will probably suit you.

Bernina Bernette Funlock B48

Bernina Bernette Funlock B48

This model you could purchase for approximately the equal cost as the Juki Mo 735. Bernette produces high-priced, stylish coupled with durable products.

One of the advantages is that is posesses more than 20 stitches, such as:

  • Chain seam;
  • 3 cover seams;
  • 15 overlock seams;
  • 4 combo seams.

In addition, it possesses:

  • Color-coded threader;
  • Lower looper;
  • Multi purpose foot;
  • Automatic chain looper threader merely pushing the button as well as the chain looper snaps;
  • Trim trap;
  • Adjustable stitch length;
  • A large kit of additional accessories and much more.

So, you could safely replace the Juki Mo 735 serger to this model.

Final Thoughts

A coverlock is a complicated as well as narrowly targeted device. As a rule, it is rather expensive, however, it is worth it, in case you are the right consumer.

Before purchasing the overlock think about such things:

  • the list of available functions
  • stitch type
  • conveniences

In addition, consider if you need to have chain looper threading, built in seam guide, easy cutting width adjustment, micro safety switches, adjustable differential feed dial to create fashion techniques, easy stitch length adjustments, upper knife arm (to offer more sewing room), flip and roll automatic rolled hemming to develop virtually every serger technique and so on.

As for the Juki Mo 735, it is a great serger, that will cope with all the mentioned functions, if you do not afraid the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you could find useful answers to the most frequent questions.

The Difference Between 4- and 5-thread Overlocker

A 4-thread overlocker represents a device that is able to operate with 4 threads. This stitch will guarantee you wide and strong stitch. In addition, a major part of the 4-thread overlockers possess a rolled hem possibility. It means that the device rolls the end pf the cloth to the wrong side and then fix it with a thread.

As for the 5-thread overlocker, it provides almost all stitch possibilities. 3 threads are utilized on the end that is trimmed safely and the remaining two are utilized for the even stitch line. It is a stitch you could observe on the finished products that possess a trimmed end with the even stitch possessing a chain seam.

In addition, the 5-thread overlocker do not require to change the machine for a durable stitch and stitch finish.

Can I sew With a Help of a Serger Machine?

Yes, you can. It permits you to sew a stitch, trim the stitch allowance as well as handle the end rather easy. In order to do it you would utilize a 4-thread or 5-thread safety stitch. Also, you could do it on every serger.

Serger machines can also operate with knitwear. Sometimes you do not require to connect the machine to handle a knitted clothes. Just imagine what adorable childrens wear you would get.

Is it Necessary to Purchase a Serger Machine?

A serger machine would be useful for seamstresses who:

  1. Sews clothes, for instance stretchy active wear;
  2. Needs durable as well as high-end seams;
  3. Sews knitwear;
  4. Creates 5 thread safety stitch;
  5. Create decorative home fashions & latest sophisticated styles.

For What Purpose You Should Utilize a Serger?

You should defenitely utilize a serger machine to:

  1. Make a clean end on any stitch;
  2. Moes the cutting blade trim the fabric edges;
  3. Wrap the upper & lower looper threads round the coth end;
  4. Protect the cloth end;
  5. Create perfect seams & rolled edges & lettuce edges;
  6. Create overlock stitches &” 5 thread safety stitch;
  7. Create decorative home fashions & latest sophisticated styles.

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