Juki VS Janome – Sewing Machines Comparative Characteristics

Juki VS Janome - Sewing Machines Comparative Characteristics

It is a rather complex task to select the appropriate sewing machine for your sewing projects. To accomplish it you should analyze all benefits coupled with disadvantages. Today, we could compare two famous brands – Juki and Janome sewing machines.

These two brands differ from the other brands, such as Brother, as they major in providing complex coupled with state-of-the-art machines. The latter specializes in user-friendly devices for newcomers.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that a sewing machine from Janome and Juki doesn’t fit newcomers. They can differ a lot and a great deal relies on your demands coupled with an allowed budget.

So, let’s observe the Juki vs Janome comparison to understand what device is the best.

Juki VS Janome - Sewing Machines Comparative Characteristics

Power Coupled with Usability Versus Absolute and Raw Power

By having bought the Janome sewing device, you would obtain a crucial capacity. When we talk about Juki, you also would obtain a lot of power, nevertheless, that could be sufficient to accomplish the most complex alongside the largest sewing projects.

It perfectly suits seamstresses, who covet to find the harmony between power and simplicity of exploitation.

Therefore, it is an outstanding variant for newcomers, who are eager to try themselves in creating more complicated products.

On the other side, it qualified sewers, as a major part of them provide state-of-the-art functions to accomplish complex sewing projects.

Juki VS Janome - Sewing Machines Comparative Characteristics

As for the Juki devices, they are extremely powerful.

They suggest one of the best HD machines with good money.

They could cope with almost any kind of sewing. For example:

  • Sewing through thick alongside heavy fabrics;
  • Sewing through numerous coats of cloth;
  • Operating with complex projects etc.

A major part of the Juki machines provides a high-powered feed system and metallic corpus. Also, they operate excessively rapidly because of their power.

All this does not affect the quality of the stitch. In case Juki is in the proper hands, it can assist to create compatible as well as even stitches.

So, if we speak about power and simplicity of exploitation, the best option is Janome. And as for real power that is Juki.

Juki VS Janome - Sewing Machines Comparative Characteristics

Bargain Price Versus State-of-the-Art Functional

To begin with, a sewing machine can be of different prices according to different models. For example, a Janome HD1000 is less expensive than Janom HD3000.

Notwithstanding, a major part of them does not provide advanced functions, that Juki or Janome have.

Despite this fact, Janome also can suggest rather low-cost devices, but they are appropriate for newcomers more than skilled seamstresses.

Janome JW8100

Notwithstanding, this device represents a great option for those who can not spend too much money on a machine.

Moreover, it provides:

  • Seven-piece feeding system;
  • Needle threader;
  • Possibility of using free-motion quilting;
  • Complete speed control and so on.

Janome JW8100

The Janome JW8100 computerized sewing machine is the perfect machine to tackle your next sewing project.

Another inexpensive variant that suggests a great variety of functions from Janome is Janome Arctic Crystal.

Janome Arctic Crystal

Fun colors, serious sewing. Experience the fun of sewing with the Janome Arctic Crystal sewing machine!

As for Juki, it is not so cheap, as prices start at $200. More worthy machines could cost over $300. The high price is caused by involved modern features.

Juki TL-2000Qi

For example, the most famous quilting machine is Juki TL-2000Qi. It is a rather universal device and provides plenty of state-of-the-art functions such as:

  • One pedal managing;
  • LED illumination;
  • Automatic needle threader;
  • Almost silent during operating etc.

Juki TL-2000Qi

JUKI will bring color and abundance to tomorrow as corporate network of professionals who support lives.

On the other side, they are unsuitable for newcomers. In that case, Janome HD1000 may work better.

To sum up, their devices can accomplish complex sewing projects, that other manufacturers do. They are sturdy and suggest a long lifespan.

So, the cheapest devices are from Janome, and the most improved ones are provided by Juki.

Juki vs Janome Kinds of Machines

Let’s figure out how Juki and Janome compete according to diverse kinds of devices.

Computer-Based Stitching Machines

Juki and Janome provide a lot of computerized sewing machines, but Juki offers more technologically-advanced ones and Janome sewing devices are operational as well as beginner friendly.

Juki VS Janome - Sewing Machines Comparative Characteristics

HD Stitching Machines

Janome can’t compete with its rival when we talk about HD machines.

They propose a high level of power alongside speed with the assistance of skilled quilters to accomplish complicated tasks.

Quilting Sewing Machines

Juki provides both sewing and quilting machines, but they aren’t cheap.

Janome sewing and quilting devices are good alongside rather cheap too and they are beginner friendly.


And again the champion is Juki as it suggests the best overlockers that are affordable and provides a huge variety.

As for the Janome, it can suggest several variants, nevertheless, they are suitable more for beginners. Also, they suggest fewer features than their rivals.

The list of Juki


  • Provides a lot of modernfeatures and a great variety of models
  • High-quality
  • Long lifespan
  • Handles complex sewing projects
  • Provide a high level of power as well as velocity
  • Provides a lot of computer-based and HD machines
  • Can propose both sewing and quilting machine


  • Expensive

The list of Janome


  • Rather cheap
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Provides a wide range of features


  • Does not have plenty of technologically-advanced features
  • May not suit advanced sewers

Juki vs Janome – The Bottom Line

So, we have considered the Juki vs Janome comparison and now you could make a choice.

Finally, Juki is the most widespread brand, that provides popular models on the market. It proposes plenty of computer-based and HD machines that are not affordable but suggests a huge amount of modern functions.

But when it comes to price or simplicity of exploitation, the winner here is Janome.

Juki vs Janome – Frequently Asked Questions

Below you could figure out answers to the most frequent questions.

Is Juki Equal to Janome Sewing Devices?

Most of the Juki sew machines such as Juki mo644d provide a velocity of 1500 stitches per 60 sec., while its rival suggests 1600 stitches per 60 sec.

Both of them possess a velocity regulation. But the difference is how you accelerate.

Is Juki a Good Sewing Machine Supplier?

Juki is famous for well-made devices and good feedback from users.

Juki offers understandable control and it can sew through numerous coats of thick fabrics, so it is a good vendor.

Juki VS Janome - Sewing Machines Comparative Characteristics

Is Janome a Good Sewing Machine Supplier?

Janome machines are popular for their durability and high quality.

They also have a lot of styles and suit both newcomers and qualified sewers.

Which is better Juki or Bernina?

Bernina machines don’t have the features that costly machines possess. Notwithstanding, they are entry-level and affordable.

If you require to cope with complex sewing projects, you should better stop your choice on the Juki.

Is Bernina a Good Sewing Machine Supplier?

Bernina sewing machines are loved on the market for their luxury and they are even called the best splurge sewing machines. In case you are willing to possess a reliable as well as high-quality machine and you never mind the price, this one is for you.

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