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juki mo644d

Juki MO644d is the best choice for people who want to sew clothing, like elegant evening wear, and create new designs with fabric. Start to operate durable and dependable serger is a great fit for a beginner or experienced sewer because it has lots of advanced features and is easy to use. Although the model is known to be industrial, the portable serger is user-friendly and has a reasonable price. That is why the sewing machine can easily be called a professional.

Versatile Features of the JUKI MO644D Portable Serger

An industrial serger is meant for fast and quality sewing. Juki quilting machine is a choice of lots of sewists, so let’s find out what versatile features make the serger so demanded and famous in the field.

Marked Thread Paths

Threading will become much easier with the colored thread paths. It is not possible to get lost in the threading paths thanks to the color-coded threading.

There is a clear marking with colored points for every path. You will also be able to follow the numerical threading order that can be seen on the diagram with the help of color-coded threading.

Easy Tension Adjustment

Rotation thread tension dials with normal tensions highlighted that are present in the machine will help to adjust proper sewing tension for each piece of fabric and type of work. The tension adjustment is needed if you see the fabric is puckering, or the thread is looping.

Juki mo644d review

The rotation thread tension dials are here to provide easy and consistent tension adjustment. The tension guides control the thread and ensure proper sewing tension.

Multi-Purpose Foot

Multi-function presser foot of the serger is designed to create overlock stitches. Optional presser feet with the slotted tape guide also let you decorate your fabric with:

  • Sequins;
  • Sewing woven tape;
  • Ribbon;
  • Elastic.

There are also snap-on presser feet designed to switch from the included multi-purpose foot to Juki specialty feet letting you improve your sewing process.

Heavy-Duty Knife System for Consistent and Easy Cutting

The heavy-duty knife system is made to assure consistent and easy cutting. Knife blades let you work with tougher materials.

The machine can also boast a retractable cutting knife. This feature makes trimming the seam allowances easier. You need to open the looper cover to move the blade beneath the needle plate. There you will find the blade holder that is needed to be slid to the right. After that, you should turn it clockwise until you see it locks.

Juki mo644d review

The Built-in Seam Guide

The built-in seam guide provides the serging precession creating accurate seam allowances. All you need to create perfect seams is to use the simple manual that is located on the guard cover.

Conveniently Located Gauge

You can use the overedging sewing width gauge to create accurate seam allowances. It is located at the guard cover.

Optimum Lighting for Fabric and Needle Areas

Juki MO 644d is equipped with a bright light bulb that lets sewists see fabric and needle areas clearly during the sewing process. Plate sewing light will spare you the need to look for additional lighting to control the stitch quality.

Easy Cutting Width Adjustment

You should adjust the lower knife cutting width by turning the dial. This way you will be able to make clear rolled edges with unbelievable ease.

Differential Feed Adjustments

The differential feed adjustment is an irreplaceable feature that keeps the piece of fabric fed evenly during the sewing process. The differential feed adjusting provides stitch quality and makes blind stitch look ideal on all fabric types, including delicate ones. You will forget about the knitting and wavy seams on the fabric thanks to the differential feed dial located on the right, the exterior side of the sewing machine. The differential feed dial will let you imply new fashion techniques with unbelievable ease.

Easy Stitch Length Adjustments

The efficient adjustable stitch length dial lets sewists adjust the stitch length from 1.0 to 4.0 mm. All you need to do is to turn a dial that is located inside the side cover of the machine. Now you can use all the overlock techniques thanks to the adjustable stitch length dial.

Adjusting the stitches’ length is important to bring different sewing projects. You can do anything to your wishes: create simple sportswear or elegant evening wear

Built-in Rolled Hemming

You can automatically roll hems quickly by flipping the automatically rolled hemming switch. Forget about changing the foot because all you need to roll. The automatic rolled hemming will be pretty useful if you want to create simple sportswear and don’t have much experience. The built-in rolled hemming will also be useful for experts who want to create fashion techniques and work with more exquisite projects with automatic rolled hemming.

Juki mo644d review

2/3/4 Thread Serger

Every serger model provides a specific number of needles and threads. Many sewists work with the overlocker stitches that require 3 and 4-thread stitching. That is why you can find this option in most sergers.

But the Juki serger provides sewists with an additional two-thread stitching possibility. You will need this for working with light fabrics and creating decorative stitches.

Accordingly, 3 and 4 threading is needed for sewing the heavy-weight fabrics. Luckily, the model gives you the possibility to work with both.

Juki is known for offering versatile features like rolled hemming and differential feed. That is why you will be satisfied with the advanced features and will feel their importance during sewing.

Lower Looper Switch

Threading is usually the hardest part of sewing. You should use the threading guides to follow the special order, and don’t confuse any thread ways. That is why the model offers us the possibility to use the lower looper switch. This way the looper takes the position where threading becomes much easier.

Does Juki Mo 644d Provide a Warranty?

The sewing machine has a 5-year warranty that spreads over different parts of the model. The 2-year warranty is applied to the:

  • Light assembly;
  • Motors;
  • Switches;
  • Speed control;
  • Wiring;
  • Circuit boards.

There is also an extended 5-year warranty that is applied to the chassis casting and the head of the machine. You can not use the warranty for the accessories like feed dogs, loopers, bulbs, and needles.

Juki mo644d

Put Juki industrial sewing machine technology to work in your home. Juki’s know how incorporated powerful, dedicated drive cutting system, ease of use and high quality stitch formation in their household use sergers. Convertible 2/3/4 thread serging with automatic rolled hem capability. 

Who Can Use the Sewing Machine?

The model can be found in sewing factories and is used in the industrial field. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean the 644d is not suitable for beginners. Yes, professionals will enjoy the advanced features like the built-in rolling hem and different feeds, but newbies can also learn how to use the serger fast.

The model is often used in sewing schools because it is easy to transport and master. The model is not one of the easiest but the learning process can be much easier if use the manual and watch video lessons. This way even beginners can use the sewing machine effectively.

Pros of the MO644D Model

644d model is very useful for sewists who need to carry the serger to work or to classes. Despite the small size the serger is equipped with professional settings like built-in rolled hemming and differential feed, built-in rolling hemming, and assure consistent and clean cutting.


The biggest and main advantage of the Juki MO644 is its portability. The serger will be a perfect choice for sewists who always need to take the machine with them. The model is pretty small and lightweight. Juki is much lighter and small than other sewing machines and sergers.

Keep in mind that the throat space is also smaller. You may not be able to create decorative stitches on the big pieces of fabric. That is why the serger may not be the best choice for quilting. But you will not have trouble sewing different pieces of fabric together.


Durability is very important if you choose the portable model because it can be damaged during transportation. The designers also took care of the strength of the structure of the sewing machine: it is made of durable material and is sold with a reliable protective case. The model has internal metal frames that protect it beside the case.


Handles are also very important when choosing a portable machine. Some handles may be fragile and not comfortable. But you should not be concerned about that with the Juki MO 644d serger because it has a solid and convenient handle.


The serger can boast of the optimal weight for transportation. Usually, sergers weigh around 20 lbs, as the MO 644d 2-needle model does. There are lighter alternatives that weigh around 10 lbs, but their weights and sizes are taken to extremes and are not normal for comfortable sewing.

Sewing Needles

Many sergers require the use of special needles. Because of that sewists often need to order and look for the needles that are sold in specialized shops. However, MO 644d 2-needle serger use standard needles, which is a big plus.

Sewing Speed

The sergers are meant to be fast. But there also are slower and faster models. The slower models have 1000 stitches/minute sewing speed. The average ones are a little bit faster and have 1300 stitches/minute speed. The Juki model refers to the fastest model sewing 1500 stitches/minute. With the 1500 specifications sewing speed, you can work on your projects as fast as possible. So every beginner or experienced sewer will be satisfied.

Adjustable Parts

There are many things you can adjust just for your projects. For example, you can adjust the length and width of the stitches. Besides, users can also enjoy the tension adjustment that is needed when they use the speed control of the machine.

Presser Foot

The serger has a multipurpose presser foot that presses the fabric to the feed dog. In addition, you can adjust the sewing pressure and lift the presser foot higher when working with heavy-weight fabrics.

Cons of the Sewing Machine

Although the quilting machine has lots of advantages like multi-purpose foot and high specifications sewing speed, it still has some disadvantages that are noticeable during the sewing process.

Stitches Length Adjustment

Compared to other similar sergers, there is no conveniently located dial. Most of the similar models have stitch length adjustment dials on the right sides while Juki MO 644d serger has one inside the door.

Manual Threading

Many sewists have already gotten used to the automatic and easy threading that can be found in other sewing machines and sergers. However, there is no automatic needle threader in the Juki MO644d and you will need to spend extra time threading the needle.

Accessories of Juki MO644d

All the sergers and sewing machines provide the users with additional accessories. You will find the following accessories in the box of the Juki 644D:

  • Power cord;
  • Accessory pouch;
  • Foot control;
  • Thread nets;
  • Instruction manual;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Light bulb;
  • Vinyl cover;
  • Looper threader;
  • Oiler;
  • Spool caps;
  • Tweezer;
  • Standard Presser Foot;
  • Needle pack;
  • Brush and needle inserter.

Thanks to the toolbox you will be able to use the serger from the start. It is better to read the manual if you are not sure how to use certain parts of the sewing machine. You can also buy additional accessories and tools like blind stitch feet, or accessories foot control nets, etc.

Technical Specifications

As a Serger, Juki 644d has decent characteristics and can operate durable and dependable. Let’s look at the 644d closely:

  • Machine type: mechanical;
  • Threads: 2/3/4;
  • Color-Coded Threading: available;
  • Number of needles: 3;
  • Max sewing speed: 1500;
  • Stitch length adjustment: from 1 to 4 mm;
  • Stitch width adjustment: from 2 to 6 mm;
  • Needle threader: not available;
  • Retractable cutting knife: available;
  • Free arm: not available;
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 13.4 x 11.6 inches;
  • Weight: 18.4 lbs;
  • Warranty: 5 years;
  • Flat Lock: right or left needle.

These specifications are enough to entrust your creative ideas and designs to the sewing machine. Besides, you can always rely on high-speed sewing if you have some urgent projects.

Final Words

The industrial model has lots of top features that make the sewing process much simpler. You will be able to implement your projects in life much easier thanks to the marked thread paths, consistent tension adjustment, multi-purpose foot, and lower looper switch.

The Juki model has a 5-year warranty and provides consumers with all the necessary accessories, like an upper knife, needles, and spool caps.

The serger has a high specifications sewing speed and has an incredible speed of 1500 stitches per minute. The machine is pretty powerful and light at the same time, which makes it perfect for transportation.

The user-friendly machine will be suitable for professional sewists and beginners. You can use the concise manual to master the machine in a few days.

To conclude, a serger is a reliable, and high-quality portable machine that will help you with any sewing project.

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