Juki Lu-563 VS Consew 206rb: Which One Should You Get?

juki lu-563 vs consew 206rb

Juki and Consew are both big names in the world of sewing machines.  Among them, juki lu-563 and consew 206rb both have been popular among users. But, choosing the right one for you can be a bit challenging. 

So, what is the better choice between juki lu-563 vs consew 206rb?

Between juki lu-563 vs Consew 206rb, Juki lu-563 is more efficient and can render better performance. Juki Lu-563 offers functions like adjustable pressure foot that Consew 206rb does not. Consew 206rb has only one needle position whereas Juki Lu-563 offers multiple needle positions along with better SPM, stitching quality etc.

Well, that is not it! You require more details in order to choose the ideal sewing machine for your needs. Keep reading to make a better decision. 

Juki Lu-563 VS Consew 206rb: a Quick Overview 

Juki Lu 563 and Consew 206rb

Juki Lu-563 and Consew 206 have been locking horns for some time. 

Whether you are comparing janome 9850 vs 9900 or juki lu-563 and Consew 206rb, A number of factors should be considered.  These include speed, stitching quality, needle position, adjustable pressure foot, cost etc. 

In the chart below I have given a quick snapshot of the differences. Have a look to get the brief idea.

Differentiating FactorsConsew 206rbJuki lu-563
Feed system Triple feed7 point feed
Stitching qualityGood Excellent
Needle PositionSingleMultiple
Adjustable pressure footNoYes
Resale price for 6 months use$1300.00$1150.00

Juki Lu-563 VS Consew 206 RB: a Detailed Comparison 

In this portion, I will discuss each of the factors in a detailed manner. This way, it will be easier for you to choose.

Stitches Per Minute (SPM):  

SPM refers to stitches per minute. Juki lu- 563 offers a SPM of 4000 while the Consew 206rb offers a SPM of 3300.So Juki lu- 563 clearly offers more SPM hence offering more efficiency for stitching.

Winner: Juli Lu-563

Stitching Quality:

A good stretch stitch is what every user wants. While stitching, you obviously want your stitches to lay flat and implant slightly on that fabric surface.  

Juki lu-563 offers stitching that is stretched to an ideal length. And the stitches also lay flat on your fabric and aren’t embed too much. It makes the finishing look flawless. This is even ideal for fabrics like knit fabrics.

On the other hand, consew 206rb doesn’t provide as good a finish as Juki lu- 563. Due to not having adjustable pressure feed it puts a bit more pressure on the fabric. So the stitching looks a bit more embedded.

Winner: so when it comes to the battle of stitching quality Juki lu-563 stays ahead in the game.

Needle Position: 

Basic sewing machines include one needle position. But the advanced ones come with needle positions that can be moved to right, left, or centre.

These machines let you choose any position from far-right or far-left with their digital touchscreen. 

Multiple needle positions can be very helpful with zippers, and edge stitching. It prevents threads from getting caught in the shuttle hook. It also helps lessen the total time needed in completing a project.

Juki lu-563 offers movable or multiple needle position whereas Consew 206rb offers only a single needle position.

Winner: considering all the advantages a multiple needle position has over the single needle position, juki lu-563 wins the game.

Adjustable Foot Pressure:

The capability of adjusting the presser foot is what gives one sewing machine advantage over another. Not all fabrics will feed under the standard pressure. 

A machine needs to have the options to adjust the pressure depending on the type of fabric. This will save the fabric from getting unwanted marks. It also improves the quality of the stitching.

The Juki Lu- 563 offer adjustable pressure foot option. It is capable of keeping the pressure ideal by minimising or maximizing it according to your needs.

On the other hand, consew 206rb lags behind when it adjustable pressure. So, working with it can be a bit of a challenge.

Winner: So the winner here is clearly juki lu-563.


Despite including all the high-end functions in their machines, the Juki Lu is still reasonably priced. Juki lu’s retail cost is $1475 which is significantly lower than the consew 206rb price which is $1995.

Winner: So if we consider the value aspect, juki lu-563 offers greater value in lesser price than the consew does.

Juki Lu-563 VS Consew 206rb: Which One Should You Pick? 

Hope you have already gone through the comparison between Juki Lu-563 VS Consew 206rb. 

Now it is time to choose one.

As you could see juki lu 563 offers way higher SPM than consew 206rb. This higher SPM will give you better stitch length and quality.

For the needle position, consew 206rb offers only a single needle position whereas Juki lu- 563 offers multiple needle positions. It helps to keep the workflow better and you can get the work done much quicker.

In terms of stitching quality juki lu-563 offers better service than the consew 206rb does. 

Juki lu-563 has the capability of adjusting the presser foot pressure according to the need of a certain fabric which Consew 206rb does not.

In terms of cost, Juki Lu-563 provides much better value at a lower price when compared to Consew 206rb.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages listed above, my recommendation for you would be to go for Juki Lu-563.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

What is the easiest type of embroidery?

Running stitch is the easiest one to learn among all the embroidery types. If you are new to Sewing start with this one. This is quick and perfect for stitching fabric outlines.

How much should I spend on an embroidery machine as a beginner?

If you are just a beginner, start with some basic embroidery machine that is not that expensive. Simple one needle embroidery machines with a 4 by 4 hoop will be enough for you and it should not cost more than $500. 

What is the best embroidery speed?

The standard speed for all the fabrics would be about 600 to 700 stitches per minute. If you want a cleaner result, and you have time, go a bit slower. It will give you a better result.

Wrapping Up 

Hope now you have a clear idea on the difference between Juki Lu-563 vs Consew 206rb.

You can always go for our recommendation. However, weigh down all the factors provided in the article yourself first and decide which one suits your needs the best.

That was it for today.

Happy sewing!

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