Janome HD1000 Reviews – Don’t Wait to Purchase

Janome HD1000 reviews

Janome HD 1000 is a heavy-duty sewing machine that is built to last. Mechanical sewing machines like Janome HD 1000 are designed to work with big amounts of fabrics. An embroidery machine is designed for simple and straightforward sewing.

The model is not meant to provide you with the possibility to implement creative designs and there are no decorative patterns. The machine is created for long and hard work with thick fabric.

Janome HD 1000 doesn’t have any features that make it special, however, it will serve you for a long. The sewing machine is durable and sturdy and made to work with any type of fabric. This way, you can use the Janome HD 1000 for the most complex sewing projects and use the machine every day.

The sturdy machine may seem a little bit old school, but the model doesn’t have many modern functions indeed. The heavy-duty sewing machine is a mechanical model which can be seen in its design. The model may be just what you are looking for, so read our Janome HD1000 reviews to find out all the details about the machine.

Design of The Janome HD 1000 Sewing Machines

The sewing machine has an old-school design and is more similar to the old machine that was produced in the 70s. Janome HD 1000 will bring back memories to the adults who have experience with sewing machines, however, it may surprise beginner sewists.

The model doesn’t look similar to the modern computerized sewing machine and doesn’t have a chich design. That is why you may be surprised if you have never used a sewing machine before. But its simple looks express the qualities of the machine — it is sturdy, powerful, and suitable for continuous sewing.

janome hd1000 reviews

The sewing machine is made of aluminum, which makes it heavier than ordinary sewing machines. But the metallic design is what makes the mechanical sewing machine durable. The design helps the machine cope with thick fabrics.

The front of the Janome HD1000 is equipped with two big dials. The first dial is responsible for the stitches selection, and the second for the stitches’ length and width adjustment. There is a stitch selection guide, that is also located at the front. You will find the big reverse button under the stitch length adjustment dial. The sewing machine is also equipped with a tension adjustment dial.

Janome HD1000 Black Edition

Although the original model goes in a white color and has a white body, there is also a black edition. The color is not the only thing that makes the sewing machines different. First of all, the black sewing machines are the improved versions of the original edition and have a higher price.

By buying the Janome HD1000 black edition you get the extended set of presser feet. You will be able to use the ultra glide foot designed to sew the sticky fabric. In addition, you get the extended accessory kit with leather needles that will make sewing leather easier.

The black edition will surprise you with the possibility to use the larger library of stitches which is impossible with the original version.

Overall, the black sewing machines have the same technical characteristics. They are long-lasting, durable, and have a tough metal frame.

janome hd1000 reviews

What Makes a Sewing Machine Heavy-Duty?

You may wonder why the mechanical sewing machine is called a heavy-duty machine.

All the sewing machines are different, for example, there are quilting, overlocking, embroidery, computerized, and mechanical machines. The Janome HD 1000 is reffed to as the last type.

Mechanical sewing machines are considered less modern because they are made for simple, fast, and quality sewing with no extra features to make unique designs.

You may have seen Janome HD 1000 be compared to industrial sewing machines. And it is not strange, because the model was inspired by the sewing machines used at the factories.

The heavy-duty sewing machine is the type of machine that does a few jobs quality and continuously. This machine is perfect for doing the same type of work every day and for a long time. The model will be super useful if you need to produce a big amount of clothes and fabrics for selling.

The Janome HD1000 deals with heavy fabrics easily. You can use it to sew leather, denim, and multiple layers of clothing.

The heavy-duty machines have powerful motors so that the models cope with heavy work easily. Besides, the powerful motor of the Janome HD 1000 sewing machine provides high maximum sewing speed and excellent stitch quality. The mechanical sewing machine sews 1000 stitches per minute which is a great stitch speed for professional sewers.

The heavy-duty sewing machine will let you save money because it doesn’t have any features you should overpay for. The mechanical models are great if you need a sewing machine for sewing quality stitches only. You should pay attention to the heavy-duty sewing machine if you often work with leather or other heavy fabrics and need to work a lot.

How To Work with the Sewing Machine?

Working with the Janome HD 1000 will take you back to the good old days. It will not be hard for you if this is your first sewing machine.

Winding the drop-in bobbin of Janome HD has no distinction from the old sewing machines. You need to turn the stop motion wheel in a half-turn to disengage the needle. The wheel can be found in the hand wheel. Turn the wheel back to engage the needle. You need to remove the workplace to reach the drop-in bobbin.

The threading of the Janome HD 1000 may not seem easy for people who have never worked with old sewing machines. Threading of this model goes from left to right while most modern sewing machines are threaded from right to left.

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Janome HD1000

14 Built-in stitches, 1 four-step buttonhole;
Built-in needle threader;
Front Loading Vertical Oscillating Hook Bobbin;
Easy to Access Storage for Tools and Accessories;
Snap-on presser feet;
5mm Max Stitch Width;
Dust Cover Included

You will find no troubles with the basic functions of the sewing machine. Selection of the stitches is super easy, and they and up to be of the highest quality.

Some users may get confused by the absence of decorative stitches. But remember that heavy-duty machines are designed to sew fast and a lot. Janome HD 1000 is not like modern embroidery machines and is designed for straightforward sewing.

Technical Specifications of the Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Janome HD 1000 heavy-duty sewing machine has characteristics you may need to work with a big amount of heavy fabrics. Look through the list to quickly look through the technical specifications of the sewing machine:

  • Mechanical machine;
  • 1000 stitch speed;
  • Stitch selection dial;
  • 1 Buttonhole patterns;
  • 14 built-in stitches;
  • Four-step buttonhole;
  • 3-piece feed dog;
  • Free arm;
  • Free-motion sewing;
  • Lay-in, manual thread tension control;
  • Front-loading bobbin type;
  • N/A display type;
  • Front loading vertical oscillating hook bobbin;
  • Feed dogs;
  • 0 alphabets;
  • Automatic needle threader;
  • Speed control mechanism: not available;
  • No twin needle;
  • No programmable needle;
  • None connectivity;
  • Thread cutter.

Although the sewing machine is mechanical it still has a few automated functions like an automatic needle threader. The Janome HD1000 heavy-duty sewing machine is often called industrial, however, in fact, it is a domestic machine, and has the following size and weight:

  • Dimensions: W 15.6″ x H 12.4″ x D 6.3″;
  • Weight: 16.8lbs.

All Janome sewing machines have a limited warranty. The heavy-duty machine Janome HD 1000 has 25 years limited warranty. That is why you can not worry about damages and breakdowns.

Accessories of the Janome HD1000 Machine

Janome mechanical sewing machine goes with the whole set of accessories essential during sewing. you will be able to use the following accessories when your new sewing machines arrive:

  • Bobbin (Standard);
  • Hard case HD1000;
  • Walking foot;
  • Foot control;
  • Needles;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Seam ripper;
  • Bobbin case unit;
  • Bobbin thread.

You can start sewing with the Janome HD1000 machine right after the purchase because you get the needles and front-loading bobbin. The hard case is also a pretty useful accessory because you can transport and save your sewing machine in it.

Psesset Feet Included

The accessories also include the full set of presser feet. You will be able to switch between 8 presser feet:

  • Zipper Foot;
  • Zipper E;
  • Extra High Presser Foot;
  • Snap On Presser Feet;
  • Buttonhole Foot;
  • Even Feed Presser Foot;
  • Zig-Zag Presser Foot;
  • Hemmer Presser Foot.

The Janome machines let you easily switch between the presser feet with the help of a screwdriver. You should better read the manual if you are a beginner sewist, and have never changed the presser feet before.

janome hd1000 reviews

Features of the Janome HD 1000 Sewing Machine

The mechanical sewing machine doesn’t have many modern features, however, it has all you need for quality sewing. Yes, Janome HD1000 doesn’t allow you to work on elegant projects because it doesn’t have a large stitch library, no decorative stitches, or monogramming fonts. But the number is overshadowed by the quality. The model has all the necessary features, like the needle threader, to make the sewing process easier.

Extra High Presser Foot

The mechanical sewing machine is made to work with multiple layers of heavy fabrics. Experienced users know that sewing leather may be hard when there is no space between the presser foot and the sewing machine.

That’s where the high presser feet of the Janome HD1000 machine come in hand, because you can lift the presser foot much higher than you used to with the ordinary feet.

Free arm

Almost all machines are equipped with the free arm because it is inevitable when sewing clothes. Janome HD 1000 also have a free arm. Feel no worries using your free arm to sew the tubular parts of the clothes like hems, cuffs, and collars.

Automatic Needle Threader

You need to thread the needle from the left to the right sewing with Janome HD1000. This threading system can be strange for people who have never worked with mechanical machines before, but the built-in needle threader will help you get used to it faster. The built-in threader is a true blessing for people who hate threading the needle manually. That is why you are lucky to have the Janome HD1000 model with the built-in needle threader.

Adjustable Stitch Length

The sewing machine provides us with a manual stitch-length dial. Yes, the controls look simple, but they are pretty practical. You will be in full control of the stitch width and length. The maximum width of the stitches is 5 mm, and the manual stitch length is 4 mm.

There are 14 built-in stitches to choose from. If talk about the quality of the stitches, you may be sure that you will be satisfied with them. It doesn’t matter what built-in stitches you work with, basic stitches, or stretch stitches, they will appear in the perfect quality because of the sturdy design of the sewing machine.

Reverse Lever

The Janome HD1000 model has a big reverse button at the front. The reverse button is necessary when you need to change the sewing direction. You will need to reverse the direction when you lock the row of stitches. The sewing machine has a serging function, so it won’t be hard.

In addition, you will often need to use the reverse button during working with different parts of the project.

Disadvantages of the Sewing Machine

The mechanical Janome HD1000 sewing machine is perfect for long and heavy work. Generally, the model has more pros than cons, but advanced users may feel that something is missing. The most important thing is to remember that it is a mechanical machine, and is not meant for creating art.

Speed Control Slider

The Janome HD1000 has no speed control mechanism. It means that you may be confused if you accidentally press the foot pedal too hard. In the case of Janome HD1000 heavy-duty
machine, controlling speed through the foot pedal is the only option.

But the old users may not see it as a disadvantage, because it is an old and good way to control the speed of the sewing machine.

Control Buttons

Using the foot pedal is the only way to control your Janome machine. But the newer machines provide the user possibility to use the star and stop buttons, which is a big plus.

No Decorative Stitches

The sewing machine is made for processing large amounts of stitches. There are 14 different stitches to choose from, but no decorative or embroidery stitches.

Advantages of the Janome HD1000

Janome brand has been providing users with a top-quality mechanical machines for many years. Most professional sewists consider Janome HD1000 as the best machine. The model allows adjusting the thread tension and the width and length of the stitches. In addition, the model is equipped with a free arm. But there are much more pros in this sewing machine.


The maximum speed of the sewing machine can compete with sergers. The maximum sewing speed of the model is 1000 stitches per minute. This speed allows you to work super fast and finish all the projects early.

Ordinary machines usually sew with 850 stitches per minute which makes the Janome HD 1000 much faster. But keep in mind that the model may work a little noisier than other machines because of the powerful motor.


The Janome HD 1000 machine has a metal and sturdy design. The model is durable and will serve you for many years.

What is more, you will get the sewing machine alongside the protective case that will also protect it from damage.

Yes, the design is similar to the fabric machines, but they are the ones that work the most effectively.

janome hd1000 reviews


The Janome HD 1000 machine is versatile and allows you to work with different types of fabric. Sewing denim or other thicker fabrics like vinyl or leather is easy with the help of the powerful motor of the sewing machine.

The model easily copes with any type of fabric, starting from the loftier, and ending with the thicker fabrics. You can put a few pieces of fabric together and still get an excellent result no matter what fabric you work with.

Stitch Quality

No machine can make better stitches than a mechanical heavy-duty one. The great machine was designed to stitch effectively, and this is the only thing the heavy-duty sewing machine can do.

The model can sew well and many on any fabric. That is why you will get stitches of the best quality, that will never unravel.


Compared to the average sewing machine, the Janome 1000HD is not one of the lightest models. But let’s compare it to the industrial machine — the type of machine the model was inspired by.

If compare the sewing machine used for the fabrics, you will see that 17 lbs it is not a heavyweight. The model is still compact enough to transport and place in any sewing cabinet. This way, Janome HD 1000 can cope with thick fabrics and is not too heavy.

Janome HD1000 Price

We will tell you the average price of the model in our Janome HD1000 review.

Firstly, the sewing machine is a money saver because you only pay for the things you need. You want to get a sturdy and hardworking machine — you get it. There are no additional features that you may not even use. No extra menus, and decorative stitches.

If the only thing you need is a powerful machine, Janome HD1000 is just what you need. The average price of the model is about $300, and every dollar of it is worth the quality you will get.

Where to Buy the Sewing Machine?

The model is pretty popular and you can find it on every website. However, it is important to order the sewing machine from reliable and trustworthy websites. Checking the technical characteristics is the first thing needed to be done. If the characteristics are wrong and don’t match our review, you should not trust the website.

Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

The HD-1000 by Janome provides super sturdy construction and easy to use features for a dependable and enjoyable sewing experience.

Does the Model Have a Warranty?

Yes, you will get a 25-year limit warranty. Each part of the sewing machine has a different warranty limit. That is why you can be relaxed and use all the possibilities of the sewing machine without the feat to break it.

Who is Janome HD 1000 Made For?

Janome HD1000 model is made for users who concentrate on thick heavy sewing. The heavy-duty sewing machine can work day and night and will fit every sewist. The model can be good for both beginners and experienced sewists and is equipped with a free arm and a needle threader.

A Beginner Friendly Sewing Machine

Janome HD 1000 is a very user-friendly sewing machine because it doesn’t have any extra functions. There are no computerized features so there will not be much to learn.

You will not find any complex menus and control buttons. Controlling the sewing machine is pretty simple: you have a few big dials and one reverse button. All the changes can be made with the help of a dial.

Changing the stitches is also simple. You don’t need to look for the numbers and the engraved letters, because all you need is to choose one of the stitches with one turn of a dial.

Moreover, the machine has an easy-to-understand instruction manual. You can find out how to set up and use the machine there. Although using the machine is easy you can still watch the videos that tell you how to adjust all the mechanisms.

The Best Choice for Professionals

Janome HD1000 will not only be great for beginners but also the advanced users. Experienced users will also appreciate the simplicity of work, but the most precious thing is the power of the model.

Although the model is mechanical it still has some automated functions, like needle threader. Many sewers are looking for the extra high foot, and the Janome HD1000 sewing machine does have it. This way, you can work with multiple layers of fabrics as well as with ordinary ones.

The sewing machine is powerful and durable. The model has a strong motor and works fast. It can handle any type of fabric and sew it smoothly. The quality of the stitches is also perfect.

The model is made to be used often and perform the same continuous tasks for a long time. The sewing machine is designed for home use but it doesn’t work worse than the mechanical sewing machines used for fabrics.

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