Janome MOD 200 Review – Upgrade Your Sewing Skill

Janome MOD 200 Review

Janome MOD 200 is a computerized machine with 200 stitches and 12 buttonholes. The computerized sewing machine has a memory function and a backlit LCD screen. It’s fully equipped and suitable for any project.

Janome MOD 200 sewing machine ensures smooth fabric feeding and goes with the bonus accessories to cope with all tasks demanded. It is a perfect machine for the experienced user and the beginner because Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine has intuitive and has DVD instructions.

Features of the Janome MOD-200

Janome MOD 200 is a computerized model that goes with lots of automized features and memory functions which makes it a perfect machine. Many built-in functions make sewing with Janome MOD 200 computerized machine super comfortable, so let’s see what does advanced sewing machine features:

  • Memorized needle up/down button;
  • Built-in needle threader;
  • Easy convenience buttons;
  • Auto declutch bobbin winder;
  • Locking stitch button;
  • Specialty metal needle plate;
  • Backlit LCD display;
  • Reverse button;
  • Clear coverdrop-in bobbin;
  • Upper and lowercase alphabets;
  • Specialty metal needle plate;
  • 12 One-step buttonholes;
  • Specialty metal needle plate;
  • Free arm;
  • Hardcover and clear cover;
  • 200 Built-in stitches;
  • Drop feed.
Janome MOD 200

You will find the following presser feet by purchasing Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine:

  • Blind hem foot;
  • Foot control C-1036;
  • Cover blind hemming foot;
  • Satin stitch foot F;
  • Zig-Zag foot;
  • Overedge foot;
  • Automatic buttonhole foot;
  • Zipper Foot.

All feet, like overedge foot provide great sewing with the Janome MOD 200 machine. In addition to the full set of the presser feet of the Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine you will also enjoy the bonus presser feet, other accessories hard case, and needle set. It seems like a hard case is a background accessory, but it is very useful during transportation of the Janome MOD 200 computerized, and just for saving the machine.

Why Choose Janome MOD-200?

The Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine with drop-in bobbin is super popular because it has many automized functions, and is suitable for sewers of all levels. The starting DIY sewist will love the simple controllers of the Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine and experienced user will be happy to see many automated functions and a stable drop feed. Let’s consider all advanced dealer level feature closely.

The Backlit LCD display

The LCD for choosing stitches is a good bonus because it eases the controlling process of the Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine in times. Pressing a few easy convenience buttons is all that is needed to choose the necessary stitches on the Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine.

You will find a few easy navigation buttons with a reverse button under the screen to choose the Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine stitch types. There are also needle up and down button. Choosing stitches has never been so easy, especially for starting DIY sewist.

Janome MOD 200

Automated Needle Threader

Professional users will love such features of the computerized sewing machine like one hand needle threader. Many people are tired of threading the sewing machine manually, so a one-hand needle threader is a good solution. The machine provides a great value bundle.

Janome MOD 200

Big Variety of Stitches

Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine has 12 buttonholes alphabet stitches for your project. There are upper and lowcase alphabets for you to choose from. Besides the stitches 12 buttonholes alphabet there are 200 decorative stitches.


The fully featured easy threading computerized sewing machine is also made of sturdy material and has a hard cover. Thanks to the aluminum interior frame Janome MOD 200 will serve you for many years.


Janome MOD 200 sewing model has lightweight and easy to transport. It is compact and weighs only 12 lbs. So you can place the computerized sewing machine at home or take it to work for the next sewing project.

Janome MOD 200

Final Words

Janome MOD 200 computerized sewing machine features basic technology and ensures smooth fabric feeding. You will be happy to use advanced sewing machine features because machine features basic technology. It has a full set of features like a hard cover and bonus presser feet, like covering the blind hemming foot, backlit LCD screen, drop feed hard cover, foot control, easy navigation buttons, free arm, and block alphabet easy threading. 

Janome MOD 200

Janome Computerized Sewing Machine with 200 Built-In Stitches including 12 One-Step Buttonholes and a Block Alphabet

The Janome MOD 200 fully featured computerized sewing machine with auto declutch bobbin winder, cover blind hemming foot, bonus accessories, and locking stitch button is a great value bundle. You can try any type of work and go to the next sewing project with the dealer level feature. The machine can perform all the tasks demanded, and you can use lots of built-in stitches for it, including the locking stitch.

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