Janome DC2014 – Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners!

Janome DC2014 is one of the best sewing machines of the manufacturer. It is an entry-level computerized machine, so it is easy to use for professionals and beginners.

The model is designed due to the newest technology so it will surprise you with its wide list of advanced technical specifications, and helpful features. For example, the machine has a jam-proof bobbin system, and an easy reverse button. It also allows adjusting stitch length and width.

Read on if you are interested because we will tell you about each feature of the machine further.

Technical Specifications

The Janome DC2014 computerized sewing machine is innovative so you will find all the advanced technologies, You will put little effort into sewing pant legs or any other part of clothing. Remember to check all the specifications before you start garment sewing:

  • Fifty stitches;
  • Built-in needle threader;
  • 3 one-step automatic buttonholes;
  • Automatic thread tension control;
  • Memorized needle up/down;
  • Snap-on presser feet;
  • Locking stitch button;
  • Removable accessory tray;
  • Auto lock button;
  • 7-piece feed dog;
  • Superior feed system;
  • Free arm.

Janome DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Janome DC2014 brings the features you need to complete any project: home dec, garment sewing, scrapbooking, or quilting. Fifty stitches, including three buttonholes, give essential variety for your diverse sewing needs.

  • Speed control slider;
  • Drop Feed;
  • Lock Stitch Button;
  • Jam-proof full rotary bobbin system;
  • Auto declutch bobbin winder;
  • Easy reverse button;
  • LED screen;
  • Extra high presser foot lift;
  • Hook bobbin system;
  • Dimensions: 14.8 x 11 x 6.6 inches;
  • Weight: 18.2lbs;
  • Maximum sewing speed: 850 stitches per minute;
  • Maximum zigzag width: 7mm;
  • Maximum stitch length: 5mm.

As you can see, the computerized machine has a wide list of characteristics and automized features so you can start sewing with no worries. You can also adjust the maximum zigzag width by pressing buttons. This machine will look like a miracle if you have only used mechanical machines before.

Accessories of the Janome DC2014 Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome DC2014 computerized sewing machine can meet diverse sewing needs and doesn’t push the users to buy additional accessories like a spool holder. What is best, you can save all the items in the accessory tray:

  • Bobbin;
  • Lint brush;
  • Hard cover;
  • Quilting guide bar;
  • Spool holder;
  • Power supply cord;
  • Foot control;
  • Instruction booklet;
  • 25-year limited warranty.

The hard cover is the most expensive accessory provided by the Janome DC2014. You will need to spend nearly $25 if you buy it separately. The hard cover is essential for transportation and storage, otherwise, the machine can get scratched or damaged in any other way.

Presser Feet Included

The presser feet are meant for different sewing work, so the more EZ change feet you have the more sewing freedom you get. The presser feet snap off with one click. Luckily, the Janome DC2014 computerized sewing machine offers us as many EZ change feet as possible:

Walking Foot

The waking foot can also be called the even feed foot. The walking or even feed foot is equipped with the feed dogs. This way the feed dogs of the even feed foot control the even movement of the material with no shifting.

The presser foot is also suitable for topstitching.

Overedge Foot

The overedge foot should be used with the overcasting stitch. This foot is meant to process the raw edges of the fabric. This way the material will not unravel if you do everything right.

Seam Foot

We may use the foot seam when you need to have seams of a certain size. The seam foot stitches the perfect 1/4 seams of the same size. Use the foot seam guide all the time you need to apply the 1/4 seams.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lift

This foot can be lifted much higher than other feet. That is why you can put the thicker fabrics under the feet with no problems and even make multiple layers.

Automatic Buttonhole Foot R

Automatic buttonhole foot R can make the precise size of the buttonhole. All you need to do is place your button at the back of the buttonhole foot. There is a special slot for that.

This way you will be able to make buttonholes of the perfect size for your jacket or jeans.

Blind Hem Foot G

The blind hem foot g provides smooth blind hemming thanks to the metal guide and three grooves that work together.

The presser foot can also be used for the topstitching.

Satin Stitch Foot F

The satin stitch foot f is made for the creation of denser stitches. You can use this foot to sew satin, decorative, or zigzag stitches.

Zipper Foot

A zipper foot is essential for garment sewing. The presser foot allows inserting the zipper into any part of clothing.

Features of the Computerized Sewing Machine

Computerized sewing machines have more advanced features and are more comfortable to use. Janome DC2014 belongs to the expensive price range so you can expect to get the sewing machine with the newest technology.

A Janome brand is known for selling expensive models but people never complain. The sewing machines of Janome are durable and sturdy and have an extended warranty, as well as Janome DC2014.

Wide Stitch Selection

The number of built-in stitches is an essential variety for creative sewing projects. The sewing machine has a great stitch selection of fifty stitches. The whole stitch package can be clearly seen at the front of the sewing machine where you can see the number and the shape of the decorative stitches.

You can stitch package choose with the click of the buttons. Janome DC2014 also offers us help with the selection of the appropriate foot for the stitch package choose. You can see the guide printed under an essential variety of stitches. This peculiarity will be useful for beginners.

The built-in stitches combination allows you to implement all your best ideas in life. You can choose from quilting, stretch, garment, utility, and applique built-in stitches.

You will also be satisfied with the stitch quality. The sewing machine never misses the stitches and they last for a long time. So the stitch quality is also great.

Backlit LED Screen

Many computerized Janome machines are designed with a backlit LED screen because it is really helpful. The screen allows seeing the stitches you select. This feature is useful for beginners and advanced users.

Easy Convenience Features

The Janome DC2014 computerized sewing machine has all the easy convenience features. For example, the sewing machine has all the control at hand: locking stitch, auto-lock, easy reverse buttons, and speed control slider. All the easy convenience features are located together so controlling the Janome DC2014 will never be difficult or confusing.

Conventional Feed Mechanism

The sewing machine is equipped with the oval motion conventional feed mechanism. The box feed system moves the set of feed dogs that are located in the box motion. The box feed system eliminates material shrinking.

Speed Control Slider

The Janome DC2014 has a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute. You can slow down or accelerate with the speed control slider that is located near the control buttons.

Free Arm 

All the sewing machines should be equipped with a free arm because there are many projects when we need to sew tubular parts. The free arm is helpful when sewing pant legs or shirt sleeves. Besides the free arm of the model has an accessory tray where you can save small items.

Adjustment of the Stitches 

All the projects require adjusting of the stitches and changing feet, and needles. That is why the machine offers us to change the maximum stitch width and maximum stitch length with a few clicks. 

There are a few dials that allow us to regulate the dimensions of the stitches within the limit.

Needle Threader 

The one-hand needle threader makes the threading process much more faster and comfortable. Few people like to thread the needle and the one-hand needle threader of the computerized model makes all the job.

Instruction Manual

The Janome DC2014 has a helpful manual that can lead you through the sewing process. Even the beginner can understand the simple graphics and guides written in the manual. 

The instruction manual can teach you to run the sewing machine, control it and use the drop-in bobbin with the foot pedal. You can find the answer to any question there.

One-step buttonholes

Making buttonholes can be a long and complex process. Especially, considering the four-step buttonhole, where, as you could guess, the machine should pass the four steps of making a buttonhole. But luckily, the computerized quilting machine allows us to do everything in one step.

Is Janome DC2014 User-Friendly?

The Janome DC2014 can be considered user-friendly because it is computerized. There are many computerized functions like locking stitch and auto lock button. You should not learn various controllers because you do not need to do more than press a few buttons.

The LCD screen also makes the sewing process easier, because you see every stitch you choose, and can scroll through all the options. 

The presser feet snap off easily. Besides, there are guides on which foot to use when you choose a certain stitch. So you can start sewing even with no experience.

The wide selection of stitches pleases diverse sewing needs and lets you sew anything you like without learning lots of stitching techniques.

Professional users will understand the value of the machine by looking at its technical specifications so they will not have any questions regarding the price. But beginners may spare money because the machine is much more expensive than other sewing machines.

You should remember that the machine has a good value for money. The multiple functions will allow you to work on more complex projects with less effort. The computerized machine will also save you time thanks to automatic functions.



According to the State of California, people can suffer from the toxic materials that are part of the composition of the machine. It is believed that California residents and users from other countries risk to get cancer or being inflicted by other reproductive harm.

Final Words

The computerized machine comes with advanced technology and offers us the newest features.

Janome DC2014 is innovative and has a jam-proof drop-in bobbin, full rotary bobbin system, memorized needle, and built-in needle threader. It also has a free arm to sew shirt sleeves or collars.

You will have all the necessary accessories like a spool holder at hand. Moreover, you will get a free hardcover that can save your machine from damage.

The machine is equipped with an oval motion mechanism. Box feed system moves the dogs that can be found in a box motion which eliminates material shrinking.

That is why you will not regret this investment.

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