Janome MOD 30 – Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Janome MOD 30 is a computerized model that would be a great choice for beginners and advanced sewists. It has top sewing functions like 3 one-step buttonholes, needle up/down, and many other features.

Continue reading if you want to find out all the detailed information and facts that may be needed to choose the machine.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Technical Specifications Computerized Sewing Machine

Janome MOD 30 is a computerized sewing machine that is famous for its exceptional functions and technical specifications. The sewing machine will surprise even professional sewists with its specs, so let’s look at what does Janome MOD 30 computerized sewing machine proposes:

  • 30 Built-in Stitches;
  • LED screen;
  • Auto declutch bobbin winder;
  • 820 Stitches per minute maximum sewing speed;
  • 3 One-step buttonholes;
  • Programmable needle;
  • Needle up/down;
  • Speed control slider;
  • Locking stitch button;
  • 7-piece feed dog;
  • Built-in needle threader;
  • Extension table;
  • Snap-on feet;
  • Drop feed for free motion sewing;
  • Dimensions: 7 x 16 x 12 inches;
  • Weight:12.7lbs.

As you can see, the MOD 30 sewing machine is equipped with the newest technology so you can buy it for your novice sewing projects. You will be able to sew with ease thanks to the extension table, and programmable needle function.

Presser Feet of the Janome MOD 30

The sewing machine comes with four presser feet. The wide choice of sewing feet is important if you sew clothes and often switch from project to project.

Besides, you will also be able to use accessories like the seam ripper, dust cover, and extra spool pin.

So let’s see what sewing feet come in the accessory kit of the Janome MOD 30.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Satin Stitch Foot

The satin stitch foot will be needed for sewing dense decorative stitches. So you can sew even the thickest stitches with this presser foot. You will not struggle with jamming or missed seams.

This foot will be especially useful for sewists who plan to practice embroidery sewing because they can completely cover the material.

Zipper Foot

The zipper foot is snapped on when you are going to insert the zipper when sewing clothes. This presser foot can be used for topstitching.

Buttonhole Foot

This presser foot should be used when you want to sew the button on. It is impossible to sew the button on when there is no pre-made buttonhole. But luckily the buttonhole foot is made just for that. Put the button you want to sew on to the buttonhole foot and you will get the buttonhole of the perfect size.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Overedge Foot

The overedge foot will make your Janome MOD 30 sewing machine an overlocker. The presser foot allows for processing the raw edge of your material. It will prevent the fabric from unraveling. The edges made by the overedge foot are similar to the ones made by the overlocker.

Computerized Sewing Machines vs Mechanical Sewing Machines

As we know, the Janome MOD 30 is a computerized sewing machine. But what makes it special, and what is the difference between computerized sewing machines and mechanical sewing machines?

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Mechanical Sewing Machines

The mechanical sewing machines are simple and don’t come with any advanced features. Mechanical machines are traditional machines that have only basic functions, But these machines can process big amounts of heavy fabrics.

All the controllers of the mechanical machines are manual. And the speed control is done through the foot control with a foot pedal. The stitches and tension are also adjusted manually.

Computerized Machine

The computerized models like Janome MOD 30 are pretty different from their mechanical brothers.

Firstly, Janome MOD 30 computerized sewing machine has many advanced features like a built-in needle threader and programmable needle which ease the sewing process in times.
The speed control of Janome MOD 30 has a computerized speed control.

Secondly, the computerized models are designed with LCD screens that show the choice of stitches, speed, etc.

Features of the Janome MOD 30

Of course, the Janome MOD 30 comes with a list of convenience features that make the sewing process more enjoyable. Let’s look through all the functions you will find in the Janome MOD 30.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Built-in Stitches

The name of the Janome MOD 30 prompts us with the number of built-in stitches that the sewing machine has, namely 30 stitches.

Yes, some sewing machines have a much wider library of sewing stitches and can provide sewists with up to 200 stitch designs.

But many users note that this number is excessive. It may be useful for people who only work with home decor. But 30 stitches may also be enough for home decor and decorative sewing.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

One-Step Buttonholes

Janome MOD 30 offers us to benefit of three types of buttonholes. Different buttonholes fit different types of sewing projects, so it is important to have a choice.

There are two types of buttonholes: one-step and four-step. The first type means that the buttonhole is made in one step so it is the fastest option. Accordingly, the four-step type requires 4 steps to make a buttonhole. The Janome MOD 30 offers us the fastest way to make a buttonhole.

Needle Threader

Firstly, the needle threader will help you to thread the needle so that you don’t need to do it manually.

Secondly, the needle threader pushes and enhances the needle when you sew the thicker fabrics.

Janome MOD 30

The MOD-30 sewing machine has 30 built-in stitches, including 3 one-step buttonholes, making it the perfect tool for you to utilize your creative abilities. Get a fresh start on sewing modern garments, home décor and quilts.

Drop Feed and Free Motion Sewing

The drop feed function is made for hands-free sewing.

All the sewing machines have feed dogs that move the fabric to make the perfect stitches. The sewing would be impossible without the feed dogs, but you want to hide the feed dogs for hands-free sewing to let your fabric move in different directions.

Some sewing machines don’t have the drop feed, but it can be replaced with the help of the darning plate.

Automatic Stitch Length

Thanks to the automatic stitch length feature you will not need to think about what stitch width or stitch length will be appropriate for the specific decorative stitches. And, of course, you can adjust the length and width yourself.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

How to Adjust the Stitch width?

You will be surprised how easily you can adjust the stitch length and width if you have sewed with mechanical machines only before. But the Janome MOD 30 model will show you a new world. Here, you can adjust the width and length of the stitches with the help of push buttons.

You do not need to turn any dials or knobs. Pressing the few buttons is all that is needed to choose the perfect stitch dimensions.

Push Buttons

Now, let’s talk about all the possibilities of the push buttons in detail. The button is a feature that can be found in computerized machines only.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Stitch Selection button

The buttons allow you to scroll through all the 30 stitches that the machine has. You need to make your choice by pressing the button. This way, the machine will implement the stitch you have chosen.

Reverse button

Press the reverse button if you want to enhance your stitches at the start and at the end of the stitch line. Otherwise, the stitches may unravel.

Locking off stitches button

You can not finish sewing without locking off the button. Your stitches will not unravel because they are secured with the knobs.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Removable Storage Compartment

We all need to have a safe place to save all the small accessories that may get lost easily. You will need to change the free arm to the storage compartment to put such accessories as a power cable, lint brush, and seam ripper.

Free Arm

The free arm is hidden in the Janome MOD 30, and you will need to take it out when it’s time to sew the hard-to-reach parts of clothing. The free arm allows the sewing of tubular parts of garments. You will be able to sew pants hems, collars, and cuffs with the help of the free arm.

By the way, the free arm can be easily switched to the removable storage compartment. But you can sew and release the free arm whenever you want.

LCD Display

The Janome MOD 30 is designed with an LCD display. The screen lets users choose the stitches, and stitch length. The LCD screen doesn’t take up much space and hurt the eyes, but it displays a bright and clear picture at the same time.

Janome MOD 30 - Sew Like A Pro Without Overpay

Speed Control

The Janome MOD 30 can control the speed without your intervention. The sewing machine can set the optimal speed for the current type of sewing which can be extremely useful when you sew curves or any other difficult areas.

Talking about speed, the Janome MOD 30 can accelerate up to 850 stitches per minute. This is an average speed that will allow you to see fast.

Metal Frame

Although computerized machines are not considered the most durable, the Janome MOD 30 has an internal metal frame. It means that machines can cope with more complex projects and heavier fabrics.

Besides, the machine will serve you for a long time for sure. You can also use the warranty in case of breakage.

Is it Easy to Transport the Janome MOD 30?

Many sewists look for machines that are easy to transport because they may need to take the machine to jobs or sewing meetings often.

Luckily, Janome MOD 30 can be transported and moved easily thanks to the carry handle. Besides, the Janome MOD 30 is very lightweight and your hands will not get tired of carrying the sewing machine.

Final Words

The Janome MOD 30 is a computerized model that comes with lots of useful, advanced features. The machine can be used for various projects thanks to the metal frame, big number of the built-in stitches, and three buttonholes.

The model also comes with all the necessary sewing feet and accessories like a dust cover.

The Janome MOD 30 is fully automated so you can buy the machine if you are looking for easy sewing.

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